Friday, July 06, 2018

Dropped Me

I was on the ground.

There was a little blood on the bridge of my nose.

My glasses were near, but in pieces.

My face hurt.

It turns out that I can take a lot of hits, stay standing, and move on.  But, an 8 year old girl with an ultimate disc from point blank range launching with all her might and maybe no real sense of release point, can drop me.  

Cascadia Doubleheader Day In Seattle

Seattle Sounders FC 2
Portland Timbers FC 3

Seattle Reign FC 1
Portland Thorns FC 0 

Seattle, WA
June 30, 2018
Clink and Memorial Stadiums

Press Box views at opening kick off of both

Monday, June 25, 2018

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Haven't updated the about in a while

Every so often I tweak the about thing to the side here on the blog, but haven't really gone through and truly updated it in a while.  


Jefferson is a single dad of two great kids, a Coug, a fan of live anything over recorded anything, a former blonde, ex-rock magazine editor, Sounders and Reign supporter, licensed teacher and flagger, 18x marathon runner, black belt in both Tae Kwon Do and Thai Kickboxing, pop culture convention worker, soccer fan/player/coach/media, published novelist, Frosted Flakes fan, two step and swing dancer, Kurosawa movie buff, future punk band singer, the founder of Keeper Studios and ShotgunProse (dot com), and a failed guitarist/musician that keeps playing anyways ... 

Use the search field and enter a topic, since there are hundreds of posts on here and I have no single topic that I focus on ...

Thursday, May 24, 2018

Solo Spoilers

Solo: A Star Wars Story (TM) spoilers ahead. I am going to see the film tonight, but the following is all true.

Han eventually reunites with at least one surviving cast member who betrays him to his future son's maternal grandfather.

Han eventually has a bounty on his head that he successfully pays off by taking reward money after transporting strangers and rescuing a princess he eventually knocks up and leaves but achieves the same military rank of general with.

Han eventually assists in a mass murder and war crime, achieving the rank of general.

Han eventually survives a cryogenic experiment with only short term health problems.

Han eventually is killed by his kid, a kid who exceeds his parents' military rank of general, so good job there. This is in part because the son hates the dad in a really emo way and actually ancestor worships his maternal grandfather.

Han eventually has a religious experience that converts him and makes him a believer in a very old religion the government had worked to snuff out.

Actually, it's a prequel. The point of prequels is to alleviate all that pesky and risky actual drama of storytelling and moving a story forward, so there are no spoilers. I have ranted about this previously on this blog at length.

Monday, May 21, 2018

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Nanowrimo participant (02-04) - did not finish once - started Labor Day Weekend 06
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Internet infrastructure
Umbrella Websites:

Writing: (in which I am podcasting mini audiobooks of my published writing)

Gaming: (gaming social media with Marci Heider)

Soccer Journalism (current): (Seattle Reign & WOSO beat writer) (I contributed Chapters 1 & 13 and a photo) (jointly with Vanya Tucherov) (jointly with Vanya Tucherov)


In addition, I have shot scenes for the first season of the upcoming web series Ace Danger-man: Loose Cannon Law-Man. I do not have anything from the Microsoft commercial I filmed in 2008. “The comic book shop” has a page linked that has all of the credits.

Social Media:

Contributing and/or interestingly a part of: (in which the star system is named after me) (in which I contributed dialogue and one scene) (in which I am the villain of the book) (in which I am interviewed with the screen caption of "Poet/Anti-Jason” as a fictionalized version of myself) (The Doubleclicks - “Cats at Parties” in which I appear as "Right" at 0:04) (The Doubleclicks - “Wrong About Gender”) (Due to my work as an extra on a couple episodes of the 200 reboot I was contacted by one of the authors and sent them an account of my experiences. I am not an author, but I am adding this link here because of that.) (My Doubleclicks and Roadrunner parody) (“Driving in the Rain” as a short film)