Monday, June 25, 2012

Seattle Sounders Women 4
Santa Clarita Blue Heat 0
6-24-12 Starfire Sports Stadium- Tukwila, WA
W-League Regular Season

Seeing the ladies in Rave Green and the enthusiasm of the crowd was very cool.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Cleaning the kitchen

As part of my Spring Cleaning Project while I am self grounded the kitchen got taken care of.  Part of cleaning the kitchen was tossing out old or expired stuff and also to make or use up random food items and near expired stuff.

So ... I baked a cake and brought it to work the next day.

Used up the last of the booze to make myself a proper drink for my inner Lebowski ...

Lastly, I used up the Christmas novelty present of Beer Bread in a Bottle to bring for the Father's Day bbq tonight ...

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Zombie Sonics and Moving On As A Fan

Bring 'Em Back! Sonics Arena Rally
Occidental Park - Seattle, WA 06-14-12

Bill Simmons of ESPN calls them The Zombie Sonics.  A local sports talk guy discussed the notion of whether Seattle sports fans are emotionally prepared for NBA success in OKC. I am not thinking of merely making the playoffs type of success, I mean NBA Finals sort of success. Like, tonight.

In recent months I have noticed a surge in Sonics stuff being sold and worn in the area, which is cool.  But, are/were Seattle sports fans really ready for the notion of an NBA Finals with THAT TEAM playing in it? Really, no.  This makes me sick to my stomach.

It's a big question.

Unfortunately, it is a question we are going to get an answer to since San Antonio managed to get old during the trip from San Antonio to Oklahoma City for game 3.

I will always believe the two main owners of that team are liars and bigots and thieves, but I will spend no more energy on that.  There were rants on this blog back before the move.  It takes too much energy to sustain that hate.  So ... no more.  Now, my sports fan energy will go towards the realistic possibility that the Seattle Sonics will rise again.  The Sounders came back.  It can happen.

I wore my Sonics jacket from many years ago as a sort of political statement and avoided sending the kid who made a joke about it to the office.

Today was a chance at the kind of catharsis this fan needed. I imagine the Thunder are the most popular team in Cleveland right now, but those fans got to see LBJ lose last year so it is our turn.  I kind of want to start a Kickstarter to fund a parade in Seattle for the Heat should they win.

The signs say Bring 'Em Back!

"Now would be good."

The KJR team.

Me and Slick Watts.

The money man with the voice. 

I now have a Slick Watts signed Sonics flag.


Saturday, June 09, 2012

Opening night crowds

Event movies ... must be seen on opening night. They need to be seen with groups of friends that are as into the event as you are.  They need to be seen with big things of popcorn and soda and much fanfare.

That sounds simple, but the crowds the following weekend are just not the same.

The Avengers opening night was with a group of fellow Minions (TM) and it rocked.  Not only did the movie rock, but the crowd was fun.  It was not the obnoxious group on their phones loud or the kids talking loud, it was the into it responding when you are supposed to loud.  It was the kind of group that got the inside jokes and subtle and not so subtle references.

Then, the second weekend I went with my son (to a 2D version) of the same flick.  The movie still rocked, but the crowd was really, really lame. I got the impression many in attendance really did not get a lot of the references, and I realized that I would be That Guy if I kept trying to explain it to people while the movie was still going.

So, The Dark Knight Rises is coming up in July and there is simply No Way that I will see it with anything but a group of people who truly care.

Grounding myself from social media

I deserved to be punished.

My time management skills have more or less sucked lately.  Yes, I basically live alone and am single and accountable to no one but myself most of the time.  Yes, I can do things at odd hours without upsetting anyone other than maybe a neighbor.  And yes, there is a bit of overreacting here, but sometimes the punishment has got to exceed the crime.

Last weekend I missed a martial arts class I had told someone I would be at.  Over the weekend I noticed I was constantly checking my phone at work, which felt inappropriate.  I also screwed around on the computer at my folks' enough that I did not get home and get laundry done on Sunday night and that screwed up my Monday morning enough that I was nearly late for work and was thrown off for a morning. At one point I more or less went all zombie and watched too many episodes in a row on DVD of a good show, but it meant my apartment was not cleaned.

So ...

I grounded myself.

No DVD player.

No social network.

Clean your apartment young man.  Get your laundry done. Get organized and back on a better sleep schedule.

It has been a week.  It is also working.  And from what I can tell no one has noticed I shut down a page even though I have 300 friends online.

A few more things to catch up and then I can get back to normal ... if I decide to.