Saturday, January 31, 2009

Car Wars (1981)

Car Wars (1981)


8th Grade Challenge Class Project by me and Greg Boyd. We played "Cars" and "Boom Boom Out go the Lights" while it ran. Parts of the beginning are lost because this was on 8mm and then later I got a friend to video it and now I am recording the video off the tv screen to get this ... so this is silent.

Of course there's a plan

It is always interesting to listen to people comment very quickly about something that they have no details about.

When President Obama signed the order to close Gitmo in a year there were all sorts of immediate commentaries about how he had no plan. The commentators were jumping to conclusions about the prisoners being released.


A year is a lot of time to sort out all sorts of details.

Secretary of Defense Gates had to have been in on the decision. One might even imagine that he has his own ideas and will have a lot of influence on what happens.

It was clear that the executive order and its details had not really been read by those commenting, as though they needed to get their opinions out there really fast so as to stake a claim on the position.

Barack Obama is a guy who does everything with a plan. It is okay to disagree with his plans, but to assume that he doesn't have one is ridiculous.

And so, I listen to the radio and the news less and less and people ask me why ...

Friday, January 30, 2009

25 Random Things About Me - from Facebook

This is the note posting I put on Facebook yesterday ... one of those things that everyone posts from time to time.

1 - I'm a Coug. And by saying a Coug I don't just mean that I am a fan. I graduated from WSU with more than one degree, played for the Men's Club Soccer Team, was the Goalkeeper Coach on the 1994 NCAA Sweet 16 Women's Soccer Team, was an editor for the school newspaper, and one of my kids was born on campus. I'm a Coug.

2 - I was actually born and raised in Seattle. This seems to confuse people here as there are not a lot of us that were born, raised, and live here. My folks still live in the same house they bought when my mother was pregnant with me.

3 - I like endurance events. As an example I have finished the Seattle Marathon 11 years in a row and have also competed in two triathlons, along with many other road races. Yet, I am very slow and never finish near the front.

4 - This time next year I will be getting ready for my second black belt. I have one in Taekwondo already and will be nearing one in Thai Kickboxing.

5 - I was in attendance at many noteworthy soccer games. In 1977 I was at the last game of Pele. In 1985 I attended the longest soccer game on record. In 1990 I saw the USA play its first World Cup match in 40 years. In 1994 I was at the USA big win over Colombia. On March 19 I have tix to the first Sounders FC MLS game.

6 - My published works include a serialized novel, over a dozen short stories, 100+ poems, and a stint as an editor of a Seattle rock mag during the Grunge Era in 1990.

7 - I have had more than one paid acting gig.

8 - My kids are amazing and I like the people that they are becoming.

9 - My hair is more gray than my father's.

10 - I have a dog, a cat, and a turtle. But, two of them are very old.

11 - In 1981 I saw the Rolling Stones at the Kingdome. Live music has ruled my interests ever since.

12 - George Lucas is over-rated. I hated the Star Wars prequels.

13 - Neither of my thumbs work very well since both were badly broken, so I drop things a lot.

14 - When I list how many body parts that I have broken, torn, or ripped I forget things because there are so many. I don't need tattoos with all the surgery scars I have these days.

15 - I'm a teacher.

16 - When I decide to learn something I either go whole hog til I am really good at it or stop after barely starting. Once I have mastered something I tend to lose interest and move onto a new challenge.

17 - I don't have home internet, cable, or a land line. In fact, I still have a turntable. But, I am not a Luddite. I have a blog at and am on facebook, etc ...

18 - Cooking is relaxing to me.

19 - In 1997 I virtually gave up caffeine.

20 - I hate the feeling of being drunk or medicated.

21 - My sense of balance is terrible. I am always bumping into things and have a hard time sitting still.

22 - I once took a nap in the Coliseum. Yes, THE Coliseum.

23 - I would prefer to be nocturnal.

24 - I don't really care for much country music, but for a few years I country danced on a regular basis.

25 - I like lists.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Monday, January 26, 2009

North Pole Nicks

This is an autographed North Pole Nicks baseball my cousin Rob gave to me many years ago.

One day while going through a box of (drum roll) knickknacks and decided to do a bit of online snooping.

Due to the wonders of The Google i found someone had a North Pole Nicks fan site. With the use of the roster page I determined that this was a 1982 team ball.

Thanks cuz.

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Mariners Fan Fest

January 25, 2009

It was a lot of fun - and very cold since it was snowing today and the roof was closed - taking Nana and the kids to M's Fanfest. We went onto the field to take some pop flies, run the bases, and take some swings. Plus, we got to throw some pitches in the bullpen and record a commercial.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Sounders FC Flag Contest Entry ...

This is the "oxymoron" entry in the Seattle Sounders FC Flag Contest on ... voting will be March 5-8 ... with the season tix awarded on March 9 ...

I did the design, measuring, cutting, and ironing and my mother did the sewing.

In 1977, I was ten years old and did a lap around the field during Soccer Bowl 77 when the Seattle Sounders played the Cosmos. My mother made that flag.

Now, I have the opportunity to bring a new flag with me to every game at Qwest Field for years to come.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

South Africa ...

I guess I have to accept that the trip in June 2010 will not be happening ... the economic reality is just too strong to ignore and pretend is not there. Vancouver next February will be expensive enough ...

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


My ability to predict has reached the point of awful.

A little over a year ago I still predicted that Hillary Clinton would be the nominee over John McCain because I thought Obama was running too soon.

Ummm ... wrong about Hillary and Obama, but right in regards to McCain.

A year ago I thought that the Mitchell Report was so bad that it would prove and do nothing.

Ummm ... wrong that it would do nothing even though it was terribly written and put together. It shouldn't have had the impact based on the quality of the report, but never misunderestimate the power of innuendo.

I predicted that the Seahawks would right the ship last fall.

Ummm ... wrong that they continued to have bizarre and lasting injuries and that it was 2008 in Seattle Sports.

Recently I was convinced that Caroline Kennedy would be the replacement for Hillary Clinton as Senator from New York, and that by becoming Senator would be the front runner for 2016.

Ummm ... wrong.

I will now NOT make a prediction about Chicago getting to host 2016 because of President Obama and Oprah ...

The Eternity Brigade ... and other grown up novels ...

Recently during Scrabble Night I had a conversation with a friend where we discussed a website where people can post their own book lists of various kinds. I love lists so I came up with this one.

The Ten books that I can recall as the first real grown up type of books that I read.

The Eternity Brigade by Stephen Goldin
Clan of the Cave Bear by Jean Auel
Battlefield Earth by L. Ron Hubbard
Excalibur by Gil Kane and John Jakes
Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (#11) by Edgar Rice Burroughs
Garan the Eternal by Andre Norton
The HAB Theory by Allan W. Eckert
Peregrine by William Bayer
The Hunt For Red October by Tom Clancy
The Hobbit By J.R.R. Tolkien

By grown up novels I did not mean by size, I mean not aimed at kids or teens specifically ...

I was also going to post the first non-fiction grown up books list, but only came up with this one item ... I guess my interest in politics has always been there.

The Triumph of Politics: Why the Reagan Revolution Failed by David Stockman

glamourpuss #4 (review)

With the 5th issue due any time ... it seems prudent to comment on the 4th.

Again, I am finding the art history lesson in the series to be excellent and interesting. The art is some of Dave's best. And, I am still looking for the story beyond simply getting glimpses of the characters through the parodies. However, it is still worth getting.

Has Lost jumped the shark?

When the island disappeared at the end of Season 4 ... I have to admit I considered stopping watching the show ...

Can I pretend that never happened? Please ...

I put up with the Really Awful Special Effect killing Mr. Eko ...

I put up with the time travel crap, assuming it would be explained away as coincidence.

I put up with the never ending saga of Ross and Rachel ... I mean Jack and Kate ...

I look at the other great shows that I have watched. Having a show decline is not the same thing as Jumping The Shark. Alias jumped the Shark. Heroes slipped in its second season.

But the Island disappearing is one of the worst moments in television I have ever witnessed on a show I really like. The only thing comparable was when the Seinfeld cast walked away from the deathbed of Susan as if it was nothing.

Ultimately, I had found Lost to be a show grounded in reality ... and now it appears that they really have dove in the waters of sci-fi ... I like Sci-fi, but I always considered Lost to be ultimately grounded in reality. Now, it appears that the really lame and crazy island explanations are going to turn out to be true.

We had been assured that the crazy explanations were not going to be true when in fact it appears they are. And that is what Jumping The Shark is all about.

If it can somehow be redeemed ... they need to do it quickly or I might just leave them on the island.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

It's funny and yet really not ...

The shoe and our new Irish boy in the White House.

When W had shoes thrown at him I heard the cheering and laughter from the left. On the surface there was room for some humor to laugh off the seriousness of the situation. But, really it wasn't funny. The danger of something happening to the POTUS from one of those shoes striking him, or from there being something other than just leather whizzing past his head was very real.

Imagine something similar happening to our new Prez.

Maybe it is not a shoe. Maybe it is a shoe and it strikes him on the bridge of the nose. Will the same people be laughing? Will the Right laugh this time?

Today, Barry O'Bama, that good Irish boy (read Dreams From My Father to get the reference from his early days in Chicago) takes the oath of office. Is it okay for those in political opposition to laugh should the unthinkable happen.

W got lucky when both shoes missed. The second one actually got closer. The nation and world got lucky that day too. Let's hope we have nothing like that to laugh about again.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

How do you like these apples?

Caramelizing apples this morning for a warm treat ...

Friday, January 16, 2009

My shoulder was burning

In December, 2 years to the day of my Black Belt Test, I resumed (again) my martial arts training. Ten minutes in and my shoulder was burning to the point where I was really wondering if I could lift my arm up and over my head.

The lesson I learned was clear. It is harder and harder to get in shape when one gets older. The good habits have to be steadfastly stuck to.

Bear in mind I was hardly out of shape having just ran a marathon a few weeks earlier and yet my 41 year old joints and muscles were screaming at me to stop.

Ten minutes.

Due to weather canceling classes, the holidays, and cracked ribs last night was again my first martial arts class after a break. One month where running was out due to the sidewalks being crotch high in snow and cracked ribs making it tough to breathe, let alone work out. Ten minutes in and breathing was a chore.

But, there is a Brown Belt Test I will take in February. There is another test around April, and likely my Deputy Black Belt in June or July. I will not break anything this year.

And this morning my body felt like it was fighting to get going, so I got up and did a light jog.

Good habits.

Ephemera Updates 08

Ephemera Project Updates for 2008

As a part of my listing project that started merely as a means of research for the Oxymoron book I have decided to simply compile lists like this annually as a reference and post this on here. I like lists and can use these as reference points for things later.

Stadiums as of 12-31-08

Qwest Field
46 soccer (38 Sounders), 8 FB, open house, DL, media day, Tour, Freddie

Safeco Field
FFEST, FOL, WM19, USA M, USA W, Opening Day Tour

Key Arena
13 Storm + 2 events, 3 sonics +practice, 2 indoor soccer, 2 hockey, Def Leppard, Metallica
(2 Sonics sell outs)

Comcast Arena
3 Hockey, 3 arena, 1 concert, open house, 2 hoops
12-14-08 Brightman

(1 sell out)


Results 08

Harlem Globetrotters 60 Washington Generals 57 2-22 (Comcast)
Sounders 4 HAS 2 3-30 (Pop Keeney)
Sounders 4 SU Redhawks 2 4-6 (Goddard)
Sounders 0 Timbers 0 5-10 (Qwest)
M’s 11 Royals 6 4-15 (/s\)
Mex 1 Chi 0 4-16 (Qwest)
Bra 3 Can 2 5-31 (Qwest)
Storm 67 Sky 61 5-17 (Key)
M’s 2 Nats 6 6-15 (/s\)
M’s 1 Tigers 2 7-6 (/s\)
M’s 5 Yankees 2 9-7 (/s\)
Cougs 13 Cowboys 39 8-30 (Qwest)
Vikings 21 Ravens 24 8-2(Edmonds)
Seahawks Scrimmage (Qwest)
Friday Drags 6-20 (ESM)
Friday Drags 9-19 (ESM)
Hawks 0 Warriors 23 (Edmonds)
UW 2 ASU 1 1OT (Husky Field)
Silvertips 7 Winterhawks 1 11-19 (Comcast)

A. Hart Coulter

Remember that really bitchy friend your ex girlfriend had?

Remember that one aunt or cousin you avoided like the plague at family gatherings?

Remember that teacher everyone considered slashing the tires of?

A. Hart Coulter (as she will forever be referred to on this blog) is that woman.

It's not even her politics. I have some friends that are very far to the right and we regularly get together and spar over games of Scrabble (TM) and remain good friends.

She has lost her ability to be anything more than the character she created. It doesn't matter what she writes. It doesn't matter what she says. The public persona she has created has rendered her as nothing more than an agitator. She is hardly the only one and there are examples on the Left that I could easily point out (I think Michael Moore has reached a similar status). But, after catching glimpses of recent personal appearances it is clear that other than for its entertainment value there is no reason to pay any attention to her at all.

A. Hart Coulter has become nothing more than a grouchy stand up comic that simply isn't funny.

A. Hart Coulter has become the pro wrestling heel that people genuinely hate or cheer just to agitate the crowd.

How can anyone be shocked by her or take anything she says seriously any more?

Your 15 minutes are up.