Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Finishing like they started

Seattle Sounders FC 2
FC Dallas 1
X-Box Pitch at Qwest Field
October 24, 2009

There is an entire post about this game that really should be part of a future season recap posting. The important part of this game was the way the team was rewarded for the way it was playing ... and now on to the playoffs.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bachelor breakfast for dinner night

In honor of what "Bob" commented in re my frig at Scrabble (TM) Night recently, I made a guy sort of dinner ...

Pop Tarts (Strawberry without frosting so they can be toasted)
Scrambled Egg Sandwich

Number 18 and Number 10 at Home Depot

The line was longer behind me than in front of me ...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Properly Baked ...

Properly baked, a SPAM is an excellent centerpiece. After all, there is nothing like twelve ounces of baked, canned meat that doesn't expire until three summers from now.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Cougar Soccer Seattle Weekend

10-09 WSU Cougars 1 UW Huskies 1 (2 OT) (NCAA D1 Women's Soccer - PAC 10 Regular Season - Husky Soccer Field)

This was a really exciting game between two really solid teams. Washington was ranked 14 and the Cougs have been ranked this season. Both teams will be dancing in a month. I had the opportunity to sit with many of the parents in a Cougar section that just erupted when the Cougs finally tied the game late.

I have noted this as "2 OT" and not "AET" because that is how the box score reads.

10-11 WSU Cougars 3 Seattle U Redhawks 2 (NCAA D1 Women's Soccer - Non-Conference - Championship Field)

A beautiful day and another good game. This time I hung out with Tim. If only the sun had been on us and not the shade it would have been warmer. But, at one point an actual hawk circled overhead ...

We are fortunate here in Seattle to not only have Qwest Field and the Sounders FC, but to have three - yes three - really nice little college soccer parks with good teams. It is also nice to see the crowds turn up and fill these little parks. 1500 or so on Friday night and 500ish on Sunday in these parks is spirited and exciting.

Plus, the combined total ticket cost for this was $11, with the Dawgs charging a whole dollar more than Seattle does. Excellent value.

Thursday, October 01, 2009


Mark Waid is ... apparently redeemable after all.

This Spring at the Emerald City Comicon I flat out dismissed the promotion for Mark Waid. I have never been a huge fan or opponent of his work per se. Kingdom Come was very good. But I didn't really care for his work on two of my favorite series' in recent years, most especially his horrific run on Legion of Super Heroes. For the record, his Ka-Zar was okay, but failed to wow me. LOSH was so bad that future writers have only sort of acknowledged the entire background he tried to establish. I hated that run.

So, I didn't get one of the available issues of Irredeemable at the time. I was so intent on not screaming at him for his LOSH run that I could not even consider this new title, Irredeemable. I walked past the booth and saw all the issues and the tee shirts and all and just didn't really even give it a look. This was a mistake.

With my attentions elsewhere this year, the first several issues of Irredeemable passed me by with nary a glance in its direction. A recent mention or two of it though (thank Wil) and I look into it and realize my mistake. I pick up the trade and the cheap #5 and am looking for a #6 as I write this. This is very, very good stuff.

If he really loved his mother ...

... he would let her out of the bet.

All Summer, the real baseball story in the family was whether or not the Mariners or the Braves would have a better overall record at the start of the season.

For long stretches this season my bro tried to get out of the bet, since the Braves were behind. He was worried, because a loss would mean that he would be forced to watch Mama Mia! Then, the Braves got hot and made a serious late season push and surged past Nana's M's.

As the Fat Lady began to warm up, Nana tried to recall those early Summer offers claiming that they did not have a time limit. There was a 6 game lead with 6 games left two days ago and now it is a 4 game lead with 4 games left ... can the M's tie it up? Should it matter?

Because, since Bro wins ... Nana must watch an episode of Smackdown.

Be nice in my home town

Because it doesn't matter if you drive fast or crazy, it only matters if you are nice about it ...