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M's FanFest 2011

Mostly, this is stuff from the Dave Niehaus Tribute room ... and some shots from the field. I always like going down on the field.

Spokane Shadow RIP ...

Spokane Shadow

07-25-95 L 1-2 (ot) Portland Firebirds – SVCC - Inaugural Season

06-02-96 W 3-2 Everett Bigfoot – SVCC - Reg

08-10-96 W 2-1 Puget Sound Hammers – SVCC - Playoffs

08-02-97 L 0-1 San Gabriel Valley Highlanders – Albi - Playoffs

06-13-97 W 1-0 Bellingham Orcas – Albi - Reg

07-05-97 L 1-2 Vancouver 86ers – Albi – Exh

05-15-99 W 3-2 Willamette Valley Firebirds – Albi - USOCQ

06-10-00 L 0-4 Seattle Sounders – Albi - Exh

Monday, January 24, 2011


I do not like dreaming about having bees on me. Lately, it seems like that is happening all the time. There is usually just one, it tends to be on my forearm, and it is a huge strain to try and flick it off. The tendency is then that I wake up, either because I am getting stung or because I am physically flicking my arm and startling myself. It is hard to know exactly which one it is, although both seem to be cousins of the whole "pinch me" approach to determining whether one is awake or asleep. In the dreams I do have a sensory memory of being calm and rational about it all, which is off since I have generally tended to be spastic and panic stricken in the real world most of my life. Since my kids were born I have developed a new bee sting backbone and have managed to confront potential bee sting situations with much more of a "man up" approach than in the decades preceding. Ending up in the hospital getting steroid shots in the ass from a scary as hell nurse is not something I relish ever repeating. Long story.

Dreams are made of our thoughts, fears, goals, anxieties, and subconscious trying to work through those situations. I don't believe in any of that silly nonsense about dreams having precognitive powers, but even just writing that sounds pretentious and condescending so I am not going to expand or expound on it here, even though is is at least somewhat useful and necessary to state it at least briefly for the perspective to be understood. Not that being afraid of bees and being stung when deathly allergic is too complicated, but still ...

There are all sorts of meaning about bees in the psychological literature that I have found about it representing anger and control issues. So maybe I dream about bees when I am in a higher anxiety period? This sort of speculation could go off the rails really quickly.

Bottom line is I am tired about dreaming about bees.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

World Cup Captains (Oxymoron Project)

As a part of the ever ongoing Oxymoron Project research and list making ... this is in regards to World Cup Captions that have won the trophy and therefore been the player that first hoisted the trophy. It is an elite group. I will break it down in regards to men and women separately.

19 men have hoisted the World Cup trophy as captains of their country. No one has hoisted it twice.

I have seen 6 of them play and Dunga later as a coach with Brazil.
Bobby Moore with the Seattle Sounders
Franz Beckenbauer with the Cosmos
Carlos Alberto with the Cosmos
Diego Maradona with Argentina
Iker Casillas with Real Madrid
Fabio Cannavaro with Real Madrid

4 women have hoisted the World Cup trophy as captains of their country. Birgit Prinz has hoisted it twice for Germany.

I have seen one of them as a coach and 2 of the other 3 as players.

April Heinrichs as USA coach
Birgit Prinz with Germany
Carla Overbeck with the USA

Book List 2010 ... month twelve and year end

I finished the reading goal way too early and the wheels fell off this project. So, in early November when I realized I had not read very much and was late on posting the October list I went ahead and just decided then to put everything into one post at the end and not think about it for a while. So, here it is ... the final 3 months of the reading list for 2010 in recap form without a complete list or breakdown. I probably ended at about 130 for the year.

A few highlights:

Second Wind : One Woman's Midlife Quest to Run Seven Marathons on Seven Continents
by Cami Ostman

Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

Odd And The Frost Giants by Neil Gaiman

I went on a graphic novel binge, mostly by Mark Millar. Old Man Logan and a few others are great reads and comics done well. Also, I read the first collections of Chew and Cowboy Ninja Viking and enjoyed them very much.

I ended 2010 with one book to go in a 7 book series by Margaret Peterson Haddix about a dystopian world with autocratic population controls after a famine. I read this with my son.

Ephemera 2010

Ephemera Project Updates for 2010 because I am OCD about this kind of listing and figure it is better to simply go along with it at this point since it is mostly harmless. This year I was more detailed than normal. Please don't judge. It was lists and the ability to make lists like this that is what is making my soccer book "Oxymoron" possible. I was not certain I would post this but decided to because I have referred to previous lists for various purposes.

Sporting events:
WSU Cougars 54 UW Huskies 70 (BOA Arena) 2-27-10 - Pac 10 Women Regular Season

Sounders FC 0 Portland Timbers 1 (Qwest Field) 3-11-10 - Community Shield

Sounders FC 2 Philadelphia Union 0 (Qwest Field) 3-25-10 - MLS Regular Season

Seattle Mariners 6 Cincinnatti Reds 5 (Peoria Sports Complex) 3-26-10 - Cactus League

Seattle Mariners 1 Los Angeles Dodgers 3 (Camelback Ranch) 3-27-10 - Cactus League

Seattle Mariners 0 Chicago Cubs 1 (Peoria Sports Complex) 3-28-10 - Cactus League

Sounders FC 3 New England Revolution 0 (Qwest Field) 6-5-10 - MLS Regular Season

Sounders FC 2 DC United 3 (Qwest Field) 6-10-10 - MLS Regular Season

Yakima Reds 1 Tacoma Tide FC 7 (Marquette Stadium) 6-26-10 - PDL Northwest Division Regular Season

Sounders FC 1 AD Isidro Metapán 0 (Qwest Field) - CONCACAF Champions League Preliminary Round Leg One

Seattle Storm 111 Tulsa Shock 65 (Key Arena) 8-7-10 - WNBA Regular Season

Seattle Seahawks 24 Green Bay Packers 27 (Qwest Field) 08-21-10 - NFL Preseason

Sounders FC 0 C.F. Monterrey 2 (Qwest Field) - CONCACAF Champions League Group Phase

Sounders FC 2 Columbus Crew 1 (Qwest Field) - US Open Cup Final

Live music:
Bob Manning & The Honky Tonk Roadshow 2-12-10 Little Red Hen
Jerry & The Philbillys 2-18-10 / 2-19-10 / 5-21-10 / 5-22-10 / 8-7-10 Little Red Hen
Young Country 3-27-10 / Whiskey River Saloon
Exene Cervenka 04-16-10 / Easy Street Records
The Nathan Arneson Band 04-16-10 / 10-01-10 Little Red Hen
Wes Jones Band 04-18-10, 06-20-10 / Little Red Hen - 06-05-10 / T's Honky Tonk
Knut Bell & The Blue Collars 05-07-10, 07-09-10, 07-10-10, 09-03-10, 11-25-10, 11-26-10, 12-25-10, 12-31-10 / Little Red Hen
Open Mic 5-23-10 Little Red Hen
The Shivering Denizens 06-17-10 Little Red Hen
Marlin James Trio 07-20-10 / 08-17-10 Little Red Hen
1Uppers 07-25-10 Little Red Hen
The Whiskey Rose Band 08-01-10 Little Red Hen
Herbie Hancock 08/29/10 WPZ
5 Dollar Fine 10/16/10 Little Red Hen
Buckaroosters 10/23/10 Cold Cold Heart
Wild Turkeys 11/12-10 Little Red Hen
The Davanos 12/19/10 Little Red Hen
T & D Review 12/21/10 Little Red Hen

Live theatre:
The A/V Club - 2-12-10 Driftwood Theatre
Robinson Crusoe - 3-20-10 Missoula Children's Theatre (HHE)
Othello - 7-14-10 Wooden O/Seattle Shakespeare Co. (Lynndale Park)
Much Ado About Nothing - 7-21-10 Wooden O/Seattle Shakespeare Co. (Lynndale Park)
MacBeth - 10-24-10 Greenstage

Movies in the theatre:
Senior Prom
The Men Who Stare At Goats
Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief
Iron Man 2
Shrek Forever After
Scott Pilgrim vs. the World
The Twilight Saga: Eclipse
Toy Story 3
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part One
Tron Legacy
Never Let Me Go

Miscellaneous events:

Arlo White introduction by the Sounders FC at the George & Dragon (2-10-10)
Donuts 3 Demolition Squad 2 (2-10-10)
Donuts 3 Black Dog 1 (2-17-10)
Olympic Cauldron (2-21-10)
Emerald City Comicon (3-14-10) Day Two Only
Twilight - Forks / La Push day trip (4-7-10)
Yann Martel reading from Beatrice and Virgil (04-18-10) Third Place Books
Henry Winkler reading from Hank Zipzer #17 (5-1-10) Third Place Books
Zakuani, Evans, and Riley autograph session (5-2-10) Dick's Sporting Goods Puyallup
Seattle Folklife Festival (05-30-10) Seattle Center
USA 1 Algeria 0 (06-23-10) St. Andrew's Bar and Grill
USA 1 Ghana 2 (06-26-10) St. Andrew's Bar and Grill
Thai Kickboxing Black Belt Graduation
Bothell 4th of July Parade
Lake Union 4th of July Fireworks
Faust Sovar Wedding 07-17-10
Tour de Terrace Carnival and Parade 07-30/31-10
Henry Moses Aquatic Center 08/25/10
MTHS 25 Year Reunion 09/17-18/10
Billy Cox Q&A 10/7/10 EMP
Evergreen 5 Brighton 3 10-21-10
BSG Member Preview 10/22/10 EMP/SFM
Teachers 4 Evergreen 2 10-28-10 Twin Ponds
Beater Brunch 11-13-10
Second Wind book reading 11-19-10
Cake Boss book signing 11-20-10
Seattle Marathon 11-28-10
Filming scenes for "The Historic" at HET 12-11-10
Jingle Bell Run 12-12-10 35:43
Picasso Exhibit 12-29-10 SAM

Qwest Field
71 - 56 soccer (47 Sounders), 10 FB, open house, DL, media day, Tour, Freddie
2010 - SSFC 3/11, 3/25, 06/05, 06/10, 07/28, 08/25, 10/05 - Seahawks 08/21

Safeco Field
36 - (29Ms) - FFEST 2x, FOL, WM19, USA M, USA W, Opening Day Tour - 3 turn aways ...

Key Arena
28 - 14 Storm + 2 events, 3 sonics +practice, 2 indoor soccer, 2 hockey, Def Leppard, Metallica, 2 WWE - (2 Sonics sell out turn aways)
2010 - Storm 8/7

Comcast Arena
11 - 3 Hockey, 3 arena, 2 concerts, open house, 2 hoops - (1 sell out turn away)

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Ringing in 2011

I told people that if I was spotted wearing this on the dance floor last night that it would be time to call me a cab ...