Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Chiming in

There are a number of interesting and amazing women in my life.

Strong female lead vocal rock bands tend to be the main focus of my musical tastes in recent years.

I am excited to think we are about to have a woman be POTUS.

Events I work at have added anti-harassment policies so that women can feel safe attending.

It appears that ECCC might have tipped the gender balance to more women than men and to me that is awesome.

Not everyone feels that the above sentences are positive.

People are just as entitled to believe things that I do not as I am to believe in what I do.

But, there is a line.

Nothing justifies acting on ugly ideology.

Basically, I do think that men need to chime in and raise the bar on the cultural behavior expectations when it comes to women.

Being frustrated because someone is not romantically interested is simply something that happens and works across genders and combinations of gender.

Yes, it hurts when someone is not as interested in you as you are in them.

We've all been there and been the one showing less interest, even if we did not know it at the time.

All people should be treated with respect.

Hating people and acting on it is cowardice and not heroic.

I am going to have zero tolerance for anyone who feels entitled to another person's body.

As I watch the trends on Twitter and commentary on misogyny that is raging after the recent anti-woman rampage I want to chime in but have hesitated.

However, it felt like nothing but an arrogant exercise to say, "Not me!"

A little rambling post like this is my way of chiming in.

To those showing anything even remotely excusing or justifying anything related to what happened on any level, I do not want anything to do with you.

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Seven and Oh

Seattle Reign FC 3
FC Kansas City 2
NWSL Regular Season
Memorial Stadium

The Reign has now managed the best start and overall win streak in the NWSL's brief history.  

Watching these games I am intrigued by the midfield play in the triangle that is used and the overlapping and switching that is used by the wing defenders and forwards.

Keeping in mind that a couple starters are actually missing and this streak is even more impressive.

This is just a very good soccer team.

Wednesday, May 07, 2014

Seattle parking

Seattle is many things that I love, but also has a tendency to do some truly frustrating things.

Parking is rough in town.  Seattle has progressively done things to actually make it worse.  The markings of where it is legal to park are more complicated than they used to be.  The ticket dispenser meters are trickier to use properly than the old meters were. The timing of when one can actually park in need of paying has been extended.  The cost of parking meter tickets is more expensive than it once was.

The other night I drove around for over 20 minutes trying to find parking, a fairly common occurrence.

I do not trust Seattle to not pounce at the last minute to write as many tickets as possible.  So, with 2 minutes left til the free parking time I plugged in a quarter and paid for the two minutes.

One gigantic bird joke

As I walked to my van yesterday this gigantic dropping was so easy to spot that I was afraid something was truly wrong with the vehicle.

Of course, a tweet about the bird being big enough to carry it off was inevitable. 

Monday, May 05, 2014

Quick Turnaround

Burbank, CA
4-28 and 29, 2014

It was tough to work under these conditions.

LA in the distance from the resort.

Mt. St. Helens 

This was my first chance to be flown to work an event. I am very fortunate.

I did not listen and got sick

Mobile Food Rodeo
May 3 and 4, 2014

My desire to gut it out when I was sick was sort of stupid, since I was already sick and then got soaked through for hours in very cold rain.  

The Luchadores performed in the rain, so I figured I should just slog away.

We had a solid turnout under the circumstances.

This pile keeps growing

This is most, but not all, of the shirts from events from the past four or so years.

Yes, a few are not on the pile, including the one that when paired with required khakis made it look like I was an extra on Chuck.

Sunday, May 04, 2014

There are only three

There are only 3 movies. 

Han fired first at Greedo. 

Jabba is not in the first movie. 

Vader silently killed Palpatine.

Vader was an old man under the mask.