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Ephemera 2013

2013 Annual Ephemera (or my OCD reference list making)
I actually refer to these various lists for my own purposes and posting them on the blog itself actually helps. Just move along, this is for me.

Sea U 51 - Denver 64 Key WAC 1-12-13
Worlds largest snowball fight 1-12-13 Seattle Center
WPZ 8-10-13
EMP 2x

DECA Region 3 Judge at the Meydenbauer Center - 1-10-12
Emerald City Comicon March 1-3 + 2/28 and 2/17 & badges and Core Team January, Celeb Ops
MFR 5513 plus mtg 4-6
Clang Kickstarter 4-29
tedxseattle 62313 multiple days and meetings - Volunteer Team Manager
Street Food Festival 81013 (eve plus mtg)
PAX 7 days Enforcer
RCCC 3 days Henchman
GGC Fri event and all day Sat as attendee
AngelHack 11-2/3 via p@L
Bonza Bash NYE - Fremont Arts Center

I failed to see a Seattle Storm game this season, for the first time, or an MLS regular season SSFC game.

Seattle Sounders FC 3 UANL Tigres 1 CCL Qtrs 2nd Leg 3-12-13 CLink
SSFC 0 Santos Laguna 1 4-2-13 CLink
USA 2 Panama 0 WCQ 6-11-13 CLink
WSU 1 UW 0 Pac-12 Women 11-8-13 Husky Field

Safeco Field
Seattle Mariners 3 Houston Astros 8 4-10-13 Completed MLB
Seattle Mariners 2 Toronto Blue Jays 7 8-6-13 King's Court
Seattle Mariners 0 Milwaukie Brewers 10 8-10-13 Griffey HOF

The Little Mermaid 3-22-13 Re-Bar
One Man Star Wars Trilogy April 2013 Triple Door
Star Crossed May 2013 Annex
The Bloody Banquet - Ballard
The Doubleclicks at Wayward Coffee House 2x
Behind the Blue Door ReBar August
A Midsummer Nights Dream at Volunteer Park - Greenstage
Neverwhere - 11-9-13 Cornish Theatre Seattle Center
Coney Island Christmas 11-29-13 BAT 12-14-13 Pop Up Museum BAT Fundraiser 12-23

The Davanos LRH 3-10-13 33113 may/june
Knut Bell LRH 3-29-13
tdr lrh 49 1029
jerkels 7213
kk ml 915
Sarah Brightman
2nd Annual Dammit Liz Holiday Special 120213

Star Trek into darkness
Iron Man 3 2x
The Great Gatsby
Much Ado About Nothing
The Wolverine
The World's End
Thor The Dark World

WHS 42 Mariner 0
WHS 21 Eastlake 24
WHS 0 Bothell 35

Reading List for 2013

2013 Reading Log

Gamma World Rulebook (Settlers of Catan and Ticket To Ride)
- A common theme of 2013 is gaming books.  Some of these rulebooks are huge and noteworthy and some of them will be listed here.  Gamma World is a game I dabbled in back in the day and have found a new version of and look forward to playing again.

Magic Bullet Cookbook
- A second theme of the last year or two are cookbooks.  I am reading a lot of these.

7th Sigma by Steven Gould
- Gould remains one of my favorite writers.  As usual, this is a solid world that has layers that unfold.

The Strain by David Lapham
- I will list notable graphic novels and collections.

Shade by Steven Gould
- In the Jumper universe.

Impulse by Steven Gould
- In the Jumper universe.

Three Samurai Cats
- I end up reading a lot of kids books as a teacher and list the noteworthy ones here.

Age of Apocalypse
- Graphic novel collection.  Marvel has continued this alternate universe.

- Gatecrash Players Guide
- The players guides for each MTG release are handy.

Chew v5
- I have ended up just reading this series as it is collected.

- I love the works of Allred and that has now led me to FF.

Chu by Neil Gaiman
- It's Neil.  I read it.  Some day I will stop lying to him.

Down The Mysterly River by Bill Willingham
- I read his Fables stuff, grabbed this as a result. 

Ajax, the Dutch, the War: The Strange Tale of Soccer During Europe's Darkest Hour by Simon Kuper
- Looking at how the Dutch are revisiting the role of their country in the events of WWII through the lens of soccer.

King Tut Exhibit
- I have an Egyptology habit.  After going to the Tut exhibit this is a book that looks at the general history of ancient Egypt and the exhibit itself.

The Signal and The Noise by Nate Silver
- This guy focuses on what data means, not what he wants it to mean.

Fables: Werewolves of the Heartland by Bill Willingham and Jim Fern
- These Fables graphic novels are continually awesome.

My Inner Bimbo by Sam Kieth
- Sometimes I really have no idea what I am reading when it comes to Kieth's work.

Cats by Jennie Breeden
- I bought this at ECCC the day my cat passed away.

Blasphemy by Sherman Alexie
- His Twitter feed has become must reading.

Myth Adventures by Phil Foglio
- Bought this at ECCC and it was a fun read.

- A dancing friend that blogs.  Her blog writings collectively add up to what I hope will one day be a collection.

Cascadia Clash: Sounders versus Timbers by Geoffrey C. Arnold
- My first Sounders game was a win over PDX when I was 8.  'nuff said. 

Friday by Robert A. Heinlein
- Identity.  Gender roles. Exploitation.  Good scifi.

Sour Cream Cookbook
- Oh, the things you can make.

The Boys v12
- A solid finish to a good series.

Dragon's Maze Players Guide
- The end of the RtR block.

- The version 4 book has been useful, but Next is on its way.

Ten Little Zombies

Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman 
- Basically, be practical, but also never stop doing.

Scandinavian Cooking 
- nomnomnom

Pocket Ref
- I now will be even better at Trivial Pursuit.

Mr. Boston Official Bartender's Guide by Mr. Boston et al
- My kitchen would not be complete without this book I got as a gift.

Hero's Handbook: Tieflings by Jeff LaSala
- I am playing a Tiefling Warlord and this book helped with playing in character.

1991 Aerostar Owners Guide
And I have needed to know too much about this vehicle already.

The Devil's Panties (Volume 1) by Jennie Breeden
- I heart Jennie and reading the collected volumes are awesome. Looking forward to the Devil Girl doll next year from the Kickstarter campaign.

Storm Front by Jim Butcher 
- First Dresden book. I thought I would like this more.  It's good and sets the table, but I have to believe the follow ups that do not need the world building will be better.

Courtesans: Money, Sex and Fame in the Nineteenth Century by Katie Hickman 
- Not all eras have been ruled by Puritans.

Silent Legacy
- A book on conversations related to death and a good reminder.

M14 Player's Guide
- Slivers are fun.

Dead Man's Cell Phone by Sarah Ruhl
- Good idea.  Interesting script.

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving
- Since I am watching the new show I went back and read the original.  There are reasons this has survived the ages, it is an interesting read.

Irish Pub Cooking
- I have a dream.  I want to sit in a pub in Dublin and eat pub food with a Guinness.

The Lay of the Eastern King by Patrick Rothfuss
- Epic poems are actually a tough read for me, even if meant as tongue in cheek as this one.

Coney Island Christmas by Donald Margulies
- Script.

Doctor Who: Shada: The Lost Adventure by Douglas Adams by Gareth Roberts 
- It's Douglas Adams' wit even if through the filter of another writer.  As I delve in to the world of The Doctor, books like this will become more common.

Theros Players Guide
- A bunch of new mechanics and creature types.

Crazy Hair by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean
- The dynamic duo.

The Walking Dead: The Road To Woodbury by Robert Kirkman and Jay Bonansinga
- The 2nd of what will apparently be 3 books about The Governor.

Tiny Quest Starring Princess Sassafras by Matt Youngmark
- Teeny tiny book.  Former editor of mine.

Fortunately, the Milk by Neil Gaiman
- Neil never fails to be visual with words.

William Shakespeare's Star Wars by Ian Doescher

The Casual Vacancy by J.K. Rowling
- I did not merely enjoy the world of Harry Potter, I enjoyed Rowling's writing. So, I had to give this a look see.

Dead Ever After by Charlaine Harris
- The thirteenth and final Sookie novel.

David and Goliath: Underdogs, Misfits, and the Art of Battling Giants by Malcolm Gladwell
- I happen to enjoy reading Gladwell and enjoy how he links things together.
 The Bordello Cookbook by Jo Foxworth
- Stories and recipes

Doctor Who - Character Encyclopedia by Annabel Gibson, Moray Laing and Jason Loborik

Inferno by Dan Brown- Better than the last one, not as good as the first too, but the constant mini lectures and exposition gets a bit tedious.

Sex With Kings: 500 years of Adultery, Power, Rivalry, and Revenge by Eleanor Herman
- The power and influence and yet completely tenuous world.

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Saturday, December 21, 2013

Friday, December 13, 2013



The Burien Actors Theatre may have been the victims of arson, but the show will go on.

Coney Island Christmas will complete its run.
216 SW 153rd, Burien, WA

These are awesome people.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Something Something Holodeck

2nd Annual Dammit Liz Holiday Special
The Triple Door
December 2, 2013

Super Guitar Brothers is my favorite thing right now.  I already have been playing them as background music in class and raving about them.

This was an impulse attending thing, even though I had heard about it in advance it somehow slipped through the cracks.  Fortunately, the decision to go was made in time.

Monday, December 02, 2013

And that makes 16

Seattle Marathon 2013 

This year I was worried about the Seattle marathon because my preparation was such a struggle given a series of little nagging injuries and an ankle problem in September.

So, I thought long and hard about it, managed the things I could and took the most important lessons that I have learned over the years doing distance and applied them to yesterday.

Lesson 1 - Being organized and prepared cannot be underestimated.
- I have a pouch I run with that carries gel packs and other useful items

Lesson 2 - Listen to your body
- There are points where you need to slow and points where you feel good and you can kick it up a notch.  Things were going well, even if slowly, until a bit after mile marker 20.  I had to make some changes to my stride and pace and grab extra water and it took 3-4 miles to really start to feel better again.  I was then able to kick it in after mile marker 24 and was able to finish strong.

Lesson 3 - Recovery planning matters
- I was set for a hot soak with good bath salts.  I planned my nutrition for a few days out.  I made a point of bracing myself for the after race.  Too often I hear of people who stop doing distance because of the poor recovery.  Recovery can be managed.

Yes, I came in last in my division. 146/146.
Yes, only 18 people finished after me. 2107/2125
Yes, this was my slowest marathon out of 16. 6:39:29/6:41:08
In the spirit of the event and being supportive I chose to not taunt the woman in the Portland Timbers jersey that Roger Levesque was way ahead of her.
Yes, I had to pause and change my stride for the first time ever.
Yes, I finished and feel pretty good the next day.

Saturday, November 30, 2013

Small Business Saturday

I guess that this is Small Business Saturday or something.  I could look up the exact wording.  

However, Sherman Alexie (fellow WSU grad from the same time I was there) seems to have found a way to get authors into bookstores on this Saturday after Thanksgiving.  My understanding is that there are hundreds of writers and stores now participating. 

This is very cool.

The photo was taken at Third Place Books in Lake Forest Park, WA by my son, who has read Alexie at school.  I purchased a used copy of Reservation Blues and got it signed.

It's Starting To Look A Lot Like Christmas

Coney Island Christmas
Burien Actors Theatre
Opening Night
November 29, 2013

It is very difficult to write a truly objective review of a play I have close personal ties to, so I will not actually try to.

This is a fun show.  It is full of comedy and drama and fun little nuggets.

I Heart live theatre.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two trips to Freddie's

In the span of only a couple of days I made two trips to two different Freddie's.  At one there was a $3.99 plus tax purchase of a pack of M14 and at the other a $1.00 purchase of a single Lotto ticket.

I forgot to check the numbers right away and when I did a few days later I did not get a single number.  Poof, a dollar is gone and I am not actually paying off everything I owe and shopping for a condo downtown.  This is not nearly as much fun as they would lead one to believe.  So, I cannot speak to when I will ever actually go and buy another ticket.  Who knows?

That same week at a different Freddie's I tossed a pack of M14 Magic cards into the cart and when I opened them there was a foil variant Mutavault card in the pack.  The current as of this posting value on the card I pulled is forty bucks and going up.

Magic cards are a better return than lottery tickets in my experience.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

My Great Grandfather

My Great Grandfather Henry Knutson arrived as a 24 year old single male from Norway.  

To the best of my knowledge this is on my mother's side, her father's father.

Monday, November 18, 2013

I am now a Doctor

ECCC Celeb Ops Loves Underdogs 2013 GISHWHES

Tape does amazing things

Yes, my Android went flying.
Yes, the screen shattered.
Yes, the case is dead.
Yes, it is over a year old.
No, the store will not fix it now.
No, the company said I am not able to get a new one with my plan since it is not close enough to the two year point.
Yes, the tape is holding.
No, my fingers are not getting cut.
Yes, I might get it fixed.
Yes, I might change companies because of them not working with me even though I want to give them more money.
Yes, the tape is holding.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

It's Tom's world

A character I have generally found to be lame in the comics and boom amazing in film, basically entirely because of the actor. I found myself calling it Loki 2, even though the lead and cast and everyone involved was amazing and a great fun film. He is that good.

Friday, November 15, 2013

The smoke

Cornish in Seattle put on this adaptation at their performance space at Seattle Center. The performance I saw November 9 was cut short near the end due to the fog machine triggering the fire department, an evacuation, and the inability to get back into the theatre as a result of the smoke lingering.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Art with my mother

My mother has found a new arts and crafts project that allows her to continue being actively creative despite her limited sight.  By taking various objects and combining them and then placing them on a pole or a stick for display these pieces can be displayed in yards and gardens as yard art.  

So, I took one of the pieces she had and we put this together like a 3D chess board.

Friday, November 08, 2013

It's always a good thing to beat the Dawgs

#24 WSU 1
UW 0
November 8, 2013
Seattle, WA - Husky Soccer Field
PAC-12 Regular Season
In a week when Liverpool lost to Arsenal and PDX ousted the Rave Green from the playoffs a Cougar victory over the Dawgs makes this ex-Cougar goalkeeper coach feel a little better as a soccer fan.

Also, it has now been a decade since UW won a game in this series, sort of like the Dawgs and Ducks in football.  7-0-3 over the past decade.

Thursday, November 07, 2013

This is how I roll

Dice from back in the day, PAX, a birthday gift set, and my new ones from The Doubleclicks.

DnD and MTG is covered as needed.

Tuesday, November 05, 2013

The story behind this photo

Mountlake Terrace Elementary
Talent Show
Fifth or Sixth Grade
Swan Lake
My Basketball Team

I really think I will let all that speak for itself.

Monday, November 04, 2013

Sunday, November 03, 2013

The correct sign is back atop the building


The colors this year

I do not remember the colors of Fall being quite as vivid in years past.  It appears that our longer and dryer weather into the Fall allowed for the leaves to stay on the trees longer and go through more color stages and bring us the more vivid reds.


Saturday, November 02, 2013

Oh My Goodness Sarah

Sarah Brightman
The Paramount Theater
Seattle, WA
October 26, 2013

This was a spectacular show.  My mother was able to enjoy not only the music but a bit of the show through binoculars, so that was an extra bonus.

Name Tag

For AngelHack today I decided that there were so many guys named Jeff signed up I would just be silly and use this.  I left it on.  Some people got the reference.  One guy asked me if it really was my name.

Friday, November 01, 2013

OK Howard

I recently decided to just get over something.

There have been times in the recent past that Howard has stood up for things that I consider important and interesting. I generally dislike corporate political posturing but when he was called out he answered back at a shareholder.  He has stones.

Yes, he screwed up when the team was sold. Whether he really thought the assholes from OKC would really move the team or just flip it, I don't know or care anymore. He basically took his ball and went home.  On this blog I have ranted a number of times in the past about this topic. It still sucks, but I still want to be able to enjoy the NBA and some good coffee.

I actually met him in 02. He is generally a good guy and that came across to me as we discussed his teams.

A few months back it looked like the years without the NBA would be over and so I should be looking forward to attending a game and watching a new arena being built.  That didn't happen.  I was really bummed when I was reading up on the upcoming season.  It was like a second sucker punch.

But, I decided while having a cup of coffee at the original store, that I was past being upset at Howard.  I have ranted and whatnot, but I like the coffee.  This is a bit of a ramble but the bottom line is that I do not like being angry.

So, even though I should be (could be, whatever) celebrating another season of Sonics basketball, I have decided to stop being pissed about it.  It is doing me no good.

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

They've Got Nothing To Prove

Geek Girl Con 2013
Seattle, WA
October 2013

This is the third year of the event and I have had the opportunity to attend twice.  I really need to be an Agent one of these years and I do kind of feel bad I wasn't this year.  So many fellow Enforcers and Minions are around this that it would have been awesome.

I ran into an artist that I once wrote magazine articles for back in the day so that was nice to catch up.  There were fellow teachers with students I know.  One of the guys from the KK video I did last year was there. 

Still, to go and attend a couple panels, even going up to the mike and asking questions, was nice. It reminded me why I started working these cons in the first place, they are awesome.

Friday Night Concert at Wayward Coffee with The Doublelicks and Molly Lewis.  

Fully Functional.  It was mentioned that I would enjoy hearing her say that, but it simply was met with a chuckle.  It was fun to be able to text this to my bro and discuss her appearance as a Romulan with him.  Also, it was cool to discuss some of her great Trek moments with her.  Yes, a little of the fanboy came out.

Ninja gig, non amplified

Dalek in gaming

Jane and Amber for Buffy fans. This was the Husbands panel.

Lizzie panel, behind the scenes folks from the production.

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Working with 4 year olds

Some days I get to play while working.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Game Day 6 months ago

6 months can fly by when one makes the right choices. 

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Gum Wall

Being a native and someone who spends a lot of time in town and has enjoyed Pike Place forever, I really have generally ignored the existence of The Gum Wall until recently even though it has been there for many years now.

It is about as disgusting as it sounds and looks, which is as it should be.

I feel sorry for the wall on the other side of the alley that someone tries to keep clean.

Wednesday, October 09, 2013

They still have these

The design is a bit snazzier, but we would totally get these cups with chicken broth down in The HUB and play against each other.  School vending machines still have these.  It warms my heart.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

How I party some weekends

Pop the car up on the jack. 

They guys from the neighboring apartments suddenly emerge and it's a party on the patio.

Also, post a picture of auto repairs and women start making offers in exchange for your services ...

Monday, October 07, 2013

It's weird to be in the prizes.

I am at peace with the reality of Standard Constructed. For the past year as I have played MTG it really is true that the amount of money one spends on the cards and decks that are winning the big tourneys has a direct influence on whether one does well or not in a store tourney most of the time.

So, I win some games now and then with the decks I build.  However, i recently have managed to make a red white deck that is ferocious enough and comes out fast enough often enough to actually place and be playing for and winning prizes in recent tournaments.

Part of me is happy about that.  It's nice to do well.  But, it is also odd to suddenly be 2-0 in the third round against another 2-0 and be playing for stuff.  The social aspect of gaming and the competitive juices do come out.  I still had fun.  It was nice to get respect from the guys who could not imagine how my deck was so good and to then discuss the deck build with them. It was also nice to earn some store credit and packs from that success.

I had come to the conclusion that I was a pretty good limited player and have had some success with that, but I had written off the notion of doing well in Standard Constructed because of the reasons stated above.  It was nice to be a little wrong.

Time for the internet to do its thing

The beauty of the information age we live in is not social media, it is knowing that I can do a search and find out what kind of mushroom this is and follow my intellectual curiosity.

However, wow ... glad I only took these photos as opposed to picking these. I would have some legal troubles if my research is correct.

The dark side

I know some tech guys that have mocked me for years for not being wired at home.  I also totally oversold how much of a Luddite I may or may not be.  Some of my friends and family know better.  But, I also caught a lot of crap for apparently getting the Yugo of computers back in March.

Baby steps.

Baby steps.

Sunday, October 06, 2013

Analog has its drawbacks

I am all about playing games old school when I can.

So, with the current D&D group I decided to keep everything on paper and not go digital.  Fortunately, I had a backup version of the character sheet, because I bumped the dial and turned on the burner and caught my character sheet on fire.  I am lucky it is all that caught fire and is an amusing anecdote and not something far worse.

I missed the chair


Dang it, my timing was such that I missed the Iron Throne.  

Ah, well. I did enjoy the notes on display from Lewis, Martin, and others.  The fantasy costumes were a treat.  I will use my membership more often.

It was also a return to the scene of the crime ... the crime of lying to Neil about The Doctor.  Given that the lie was about something that is nonlinear insofar as time, since I am actively working to get to the episode in question I will soon enough be no longer lying about it, just in retrospect.

Saturday, October 05, 2013

So much for a secret Identity

A student really did this one day.  I appreciate it very much.

Friday, October 04, 2013

The Monorail whenever possible

I like riding the Monorail.

Thursday, October 03, 2013

Old school tea

Since I have something like 7 different ways of making coffee in my apartment, including some more labor intensive ones, it seems right to also have the same for some tea.

Ginger peach tea, for the record.

Wednesday, October 02, 2013

Because I wanted one

It cannot be considered an impulse purchase if you have wanted one for many years.

Monday, September 30, 2013

Kindergarten classroom rules

I think I hold kids to a higher standard than I hold adults these days.

Sunday, September 29, 2013

I have no idea what this game is

This is some sort of Canadian finger shuffleboard tabletop game a friend of mine has.  I am absolutely terrible at it but I love it.  

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Candied Bacon

Learned this from a friend.  Add maple syrup to the bacon as it is pan frying and the maple turns the bacon into a candy.