Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The Little Fuzzy Dude

RIP 2003 - March 1, 2013

This is going to haunt me. I will always know I should have taken him to the vet. It's something I am very much ashamed of.  He deserved better and his 5-7 more years I thought he would have.  I knew something was very wrong or I would not have gone home.  I focused on his eating and litter box and failed to see he was not drinking either. Maybe he would have passed on and the vet would have told me it was necessary.  Maybe an antibiotic or something.  Maybe just more water in the event he was dehydrating.

Maybe, I will never know.  But, he could have, he at least could have.  That could have is all on me.

And so, I miss my little fuzzy dude.

The Sounders Istanbul Moment

Seattle Sounders FC 3
UANL Tigres 1
CCL Quarterfinals Second Leg
March 12, 2013

These are the notes on the Sounders Istanbul Moment I finally got around to typing up and posting.

I could not decide which song was more fun to sing Born In 1974 or We've Got The Biggest Johnson In The League.

I find it aerobic to do late game pogo.

I stood next to a guy that brings lozenges as a vocal prophylactic and by the second half took him up on having one.

I was very wrong about the touch of Yedlin, although in the first half it seemed a bit off on the overlap and rushed he really came through in the 2nd.

Traore played for Liverpool in Istanbul.  His shot looked to be going over and just dipped under.

I got downtown and marched, with really good timing to head to the stadium with the ECS.

I normally do not sit at the low angle, but all four goals were right in front of me.

Best post game comment overheard. "I will see you Saturday. I'll be drunk."

I was standing on the rail at the end, but I was okay with being thrown out at that point.  I still hopped down when asked, but there was a moment where I thought it might be worth it.

Upon further reflection ... in re old posts

Upon further reflection ...

I have recently commented on Lance and his admissions and in the past about roids and reports that dealt with testimony over tests.  In the end I prefer tests, but if guys are fessing up, let the consequences follow.

LBJ - I once wrote that when he joined the he was choosing to not be the guy and he became the guy anyways. Somehow the way things played out is that it became his team and he elevated his game to rair air sort of territory and became likable again in the process.  Nothing quite like a little humility to humanize a guy and bring him back to where his talent is taking him.

I said OKC would never win in the NBA in a bitter and lengthy series of posts.  Then KD re-signed. Levels and levels of bitter and wrong. I did say 2014 would be more important and big picture and that is correct, Sorry Sacramento, but Clay would be there now trying to take them because the problem is the ownership group not you.

The Seahawks needed a QB and should draft one.  I thought Sanchez was a good choice and his career got off to a nice start before completely derailing. I really thought Pete was a horrible choice. Then, we did not really notice when they grabbed a guy in the third round.  Awesome choices that worked out and problems solved.

I have drank the Ms Cool Aid a few times and maybe things will turn out in 13 post-Ichiro as I am optimistic about the direction again.

Old links really are expiring.  All links on the internet are subject to change without notice.

Sunil is on the hook now.  Completely. He got his guy and removed a reasonably effective guy in the process.  It's on you now dude.

I have railed that Lucas, Miller, and Lost all jumped the shark and that sequels and prequels and adaptations are no longer nearly as interesting for me. Disney cannot do worse with the Lucas material than Lucas has been for the past 20 years.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Winning this was a surprise

I have to admit, I sort of never really expected to win.  I just wanted to be competitive and win some matches.

In the sealed league I played in for the current release I was partnered with a guy and we won a Two headed Giant event on a Saturday night during the league season.  We won matches with taking the other teams cards, by extorting, and by just flat out overrunning them.

When the final match came up I realized I had never realistically even played a match to be in the prizes, let alone to win it.

ECCC 2013 - Stories are better than autographs

Emerald City Comicon
March 1-3, 2013

Leading into this year my personal situation was frantic, plus I got sick.  I seriously was about to bail, but stepped out the door anyways.

My minion job is a good one, and even though it is given a name and whatnot, it really only works because of the people around me.  Given that on top of everything else my cat Tiger passed away mid con, I am fortunate I work with so many great people.

So, instead of a huge write up, I have some short notes and can expand the stories as people ask me.

Day 0 ... sick, lozenges, met new minions, set up, and Jennie with Obby talking about shotguns.

Day 1 ...  here they come, but only half the celebs, WaRP, Jennie gave me vitamins, Bacon Doobage

Day 2 ... Tiger, Teammates, Picard, Rooker & Donuts

Day 3 ... Team hug and huggable, Bacon picture, the cart, Park, David and after seeing Marian Call

My Core Team time has passed.  My job is more operations and fresh blood is good.  Things change, and I might just buy a ticket next year anyways.

Thursday, March 14, 2013