Friday, June 13, 2014

Tuesday (and/or) Wednesday Night Football

The NFL is a juggernaut.

Rival leagues have virtually no chance against it.

However, there is no need for a second tier football league to go against the NFL or to go to the Spring or overseas.

I picture a second tier league in cities underserved by major pro sports as a compliment to the NFL, even as an affiliate.

So, to cities like Portland, Omaha, Sacramento, Birmingham, Orlando, San Antonio, Memphis, Salt Lake City, Tulsa, Norfolk,  Hartford, and others ... NFL2.

The Plan:

- 10 teams keeps league small
- 8-10 weeks/games, leaning toward 8 where in two five team division teams simply play their own division home and home, minimal travel as a result cuts costs and could create some rivalries
- teams form in the weeks after final NFL cuts while players are most game fit and ready and can get to speed quickly with a 10 day camp prior to first game
- season, including playoffs, runs from weeks 5 to 15 of the NFL season
- games played on Tuesday and Wednesday nights so as to not conflict with NFL coverage or college football
- games broadcast on NFL network and other NFL contracted networks or on cable channels eager to do business with NFL as well as other platforms
- single division top 3 in playoffs with top seed getting bye and 2nd seed hosting 3rd in one game to face the top seed the following week or two divisions with no wild cards and the top division winner hosting the other division winner
- bye week allows for two weeks of ticket sales for championship
- NFL teams can send/assign players
- NFL affiliation offers legitimacy other start up leagues have struggled with
- traditional football season
- schedule takes away potential stadium and television conflicts

Thursday, June 12, 2014

Good format

Good format.

I played a couple of drafts of the new Magic The Gathering release Conspiracy.
The things I like most about Magic and gaming are deck building, drafting, multiplayer, and new cards.  Conspiracy is all of those things.
Playing at a couple different stores with regular players and with everyone in the same boat was pretty fun.  There were a lot of stop and read the card moments that got everyone in each group talking.  Instead of people rushing through games with decks they have memorized everyone was taking the time to really look at the cards.  Each of the groups I played in (and then a friend bought a box so we did 3 small drafts on our own) had good energy.
This is why I play the game.

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I do not know what to do

I generally avoid a lot of big news tragedy stories.  The media coverage feels dirty.

Several years ago a classmate had a parent killed in a school shooting as a teacher.  It was close enough to home that I have always tried to keep a respectful distance.

The other day there was a tragedy in my home town at a place I hold in high regard that has a special place in my heart. I felt horrible, but I still kept a respectful distance.

And then the next morning my phone rang and I got the news.  I knew the guy.

I had worked with him, liked him, and even given him a ride home.

It's heartbreaking for so many reasons. I am sick to my stomach about so much of this, plus this additional detail.

It's not about me, but I just feel so awful that I do not know what to do.

Monday, June 09, 2014

Thanks Harrison

Years ago I sent a bunch of cards out for soccer players to sign.

Recently, Harrison Barnes of the Golden State Warriors announced an autograph policy.

So, even though I really do not have any Warriors or Tar Heels stuff I decided to join in.  

I sent him a print out of the article of his announcement and he signed it and sent it right back.


Sunday, June 08, 2014

Brad Pitt

At the Maleficent premiere Brad Pitt was attacked.  Apparently, he is fine.  The guy who did it has done crap like this before.

I work in a role at various conventions and events with celebrity guests where I manage a staff of volunteers and work with security to keep fans in line.

At first I kind of wanted to joke as we were heading to see Maleficent that I hoped it was good, because of the Pitt situation.  I had all sorts of jokes about whether it would be good enough or bad enough to attack someone over.

Then, I looked at what I had noted and realized if I was joking about crap like that I should be fired from what I do.

The fact that Pitt is fine does not change that this is awful and dangerous and is a reminder of why we do what we do to keep fans in line.

One person doing something crazy or stupid and someone could get hurt or worse.

Nothing is funny about what happened to Brad Pitt.

Solar everywhere

I guess this makes me some sort of unpatriotic racist or something else that some idiot congressman might think is not science.

Solar everywhere.

School zone flashing lights? Solar.

Transit Center? Solar.

The main school I sub at? Gym is solar.

And so the other night when we took a ferry ride to Kingston for some ice cream I saw this and was fascinated. Yes, solar panels for the lights for the bumpers for the ferries as they come in.