Thursday, August 30, 2012

A Thermos Is Still Nice

KISW Rock Out Hunger
Harris Ford - Lynnwood, WA
To Benefit Northwest Harvest

Stopped by with a bag of food - they reportedly got almost 18K pounds - and rolled the dice for a car.

I did not win the car, but it was a full house roll in Yahtzee ... so I won the thermos. 

Pic is me and fellow ECCC enthusiast BJ Shea.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

They won what?

What has the USADA won?

What did Lance Armstong actually lose?

By not contesting the charges Lance Anrmstrong did not admit guilt, he essentially plead No Contest.

To those who believed him guilty, nothing has changed.

To those that did not, nothing has changed.

Race results may or may not be changed from 13 years ago.  Wow.  A guy who is over 40 and retired is now banned from racing, a sport he is no longer a part of. Wow.

The USADA has now successfully punished a man that never tested positive.  This is a huge distinction, since no athlete should ever trust them again. By not contesting the charges Lance Armstrong has essentially called the USADA bluff and by punishing him they have to accept that athletes reasonably should never trust them again since their own tests do not matter. Tests are more important than testimony of other cheaters. Time will tell, but I believe Lance may have gotten back at the USADA by not contesting charges and done more damage to them than they possibly realize.

I work on the playground, and a bunch of kids pointing at another saying that the other kid did it too is not the way I handle things, but it is the way the USADA apparently does. The USADA must now live with winning. Lance Armstrong's life goes on exactly as before.

Placing the caveat in here that I am not here to apologize for Lance Armstrong.  If he cheated he should be punished.  But, he has never tested positive.  That matters whether people like it or not.

The current version of the rival now seen

Seattle Sounders FC 2
Vancouver Whitecaps 0
August 18, 2012
CLink Field - Seattle, WA
MLS Regular Season / Cascadia Cup

With this match I have now seen the MLS Whitecaps in person, leaving me only the MLS version of the Montreal Impact to complete MLS.  That will happen next season when they actually play here since I did not see them in their other Cascadia trips either. Almost 56K for a league match, meaning that Vancouver and LA are bigger draws in Seattle than Chelsea is.

Sounds around my apt

A week or two ago there was a loud noise that shook my apartment.  This is the culprit.  It is sort of awesome.

Waffle sandwiches can be controversial

The two pics in this post were posted a couple weeks ago on my facebook page.  Together, the two of them got a few dozen comments and likes.  I see people continually post all these serious things that get no responses and yet waffle sandwiches and my comments do.  Save your friends on social media from all that political and religious crap, just have fun.  That is the lesson learned.

Thursday, August 23, 2012

It has been one month

It has been one month since the Seattle Mariners traded Ichiro Suzuki to the New York Yankees.

Ichiro said all the right things, making good sense, and then we all said goodbye to one of the greatest athletes we will ever have in Seattle.

The Mariners season was clearly over, Ichiro joined a contender, and we will never see him again.

However ...

Since the trade Ichiro has played well and the Yankees will be post-season bound. Could Ichiro be back in right field in Seattle this October?

Since the trade the Mariners have become the hottest team in baseball and are now almost at .500, 7 games out of the Wild Card, and suddenly there are delusions of grandeur amongst M's fans.

Sometimes there is a sea change that happens when an organization makes a huge move.  It appears, at least in the short term, that the Mariners young players have truly taken to the notion that it is now their team.  The young guys we hoped would all get good together might actually be doing that.  It all could unravel.

But, September could be interesting in Seattle for Baseball for the first time in a decade.

Sunday, August 05, 2012

Off and running in the CCL 2012-23

Seattle Sounders FC 3
Caledonia AIA 1
CONCACAF Champions League Group Phase
CLink Field - Seattle, WA
August 2, 2012

Recent Trip To Deception Pass

On July 22, 2012 the local and out of town relatives piled into three vehicles and headed out for a day trip up around Deception Pass and back with a stop at Mt. Erie and Camp Casey for good measure.