Sunday, March 27, 2016

Actual goosebumps

Loreena McKennitt
Paramount Theatre
Seattle, WA
March 26, 2016

A concert that gave me actual goosebumps.

Thursday, March 24, 2016

Reading Log 2015

The Siren Suicides 1 by Ksenia Anske
Man in White by Johnny Cash
Peterson Ruling
Luis Figo Manifesto (FIFA)
500 Days: What I Learned From The Moment That Changed Everything by Steve Zakuani
Little Fuzzy by H. Beam Piper
Infinity Bell by Devon Monk
Fate Reforged Players Guide
Moon by
The Siren Suicides 2 by Ksenia Anske
The Siren Suicides 3 by Ksenia Anske
Fuzzy Nation by John Scalzi
Hansel & Gretel by Neil Gaiman
Rat Queens TPB 1& 2
Dragons of Tarkir Players Guide
Nobel Peace Prize Speech by Jimmy Carter
"Deflategate" Report
The Ghost of My Father by Scott Berkun
Gay Marriage Ruling SCOTUS
Scotland History
DnD Fifth Edition
Ravnica by Cory J. Herndon
Seattle Survival Guide
Pretty Deadly Volume 1 by
Guildpact by Cory J. Herndon
Crucible Zero by Devon Monk
Dissension by Cory J. Herndon
GödelEscherBach: An Eternal Golden Braid by Douglas Hofstadter
Pope Francis transcript of speech to US Congress
Fiasco Rule Book
Mr. Munchausen: An Account of Some of His Recent Adventures by John Kendrick Bangs
A Full Life: Reflections At Ninety by Jimmy Carter
Changeling The Lost Rule Book
Firefly script for heart of Gold episode
Mirror Friend, Mirror Foe by Robert Aspirin & George Takei
Lock In by John Scalzi
Welcome to Night Vale by Jeffrey Cranor & Joseph Fink
Magic Origins Players Guide
Battle for Zendikar Players Guide
The Rose and the Beast: Fairy Tales Retold by Francesca Lia Block
Neil Gaiman Humble Bundle(all of the things)
Scalzi 6 short stories
Sparkle Hayter 2 short stories
Back Lash by Devon Monk

Ephemera 2015

The annual Ephemera posts continue to be weird listing of things I have done over a year.  years ago I started working on a project, and going through old scrapbooks and ticket stubs and programs led to some lists.  I have continued this on the blog because it is a reference for things for me.

1-1 Resolution Run 5k - Magnuson Park (Polar Bear Plunge)

CLink Tour
Kangaroo Farm
Space Needle
Gates Foundation
Stu Cabe assembly (OV 1026)
Mourning Market
FSM (regularly)

Reign FC Stuff + Kit 3-31, training x2, 13 Memorial matches, 2 Sport viewing parties - PDX Final

S2 SCT @ The Ninety 3-13
WWC Final @ The Ninety 7-5
Tifo work CLink 9-13
USA 1 Nigeria 0 6-16 BC Place
Manchester United 1 America 0 7-17 CLink
Sounders FC 4 Orlando City SC 0 8-16 CLink
USA 1 v Brasil 1 10-21 CLink
Sounders FC 3 RSL 1 10-25 CLink (Mike McCready national anthem)
WSU 3 v UW 1 11-5 Husky Field

KK/MegaRan/Danimal Cannon 2-4 Subspace Comics

Davanos LRH 2-22
Celtic Thunder 3-8 The Paramount
Kracklefest @ Hard Rock 3-28
June 7 LRHDakota Poorman plus three Wednesdays w/ Raineros variations
Halestorm - Showbox Sodo June 9
Marian Call 7-28 Rendezvous
Terman Shanks/The Cussers - Victory 9-4

2-18 Ignite Seattle (Volunteer)

PAX South - January
ECCC - March
Galacticon - Sunday
AngelHack - Sunday
PAX Prime - August
Taco Libre 5-2
Ignite 5-20
GGC 10-10/11
Night Vale 4-25 The Neptune
The Phantom 5-9 The Paramount
Suicide Girls Blackheart Burlesque 9-19 Showbox Market
Censorship is a Drag - Neighbors 9-26
Frye Museum - Pan exhibit 2-28
Burke Museum - Seahawks Mask 3-5
EMP - Star Wars 9-4 * several EMP as member
Neil Gaiman 4-17 Meany Hall
Jimmy Carter TPB 7-28
Daniel Bryan TPB 7-30
Scalzi 10-24 TPL
Welcome to Night Vale October 27 Town Hall w/ Hank Green
Jet City Comic Show - Halloween Weekend
WSU 38 v ASU 24 Dads Weekend 11-7
Apple Cup WSU 10 UW 45 11-27 Husky Stadium

Leon - Central 1-12
Secretary - Central 2-9

Kingsmen: The Secret Service
Big Hero 6
Jupiter's Ascending
Into The Woods *(x2)
Avengers: Age of Ultron
Mad Max: Fury Road
Mr. Holmes
The Empire Strikes Back - Triple Door
The Martian
SW7: The Force Awakens (2x)

Friday, March 18, 2016

Road trip to match the journey of this computer

I would love to take this trip to match what my little C.H.I.P. computer took to get to me.

Delivered, PO Box

2016-02-18 09:15 am

Lynnwood, WA

Sorting Complete

2016-02-18 09:13 am

Lynnwood, WA

Arrived at Post Office

2016-02-18 05:58 am

Lynnwood, WA

Departed USPS Facility

2016-02-18 03:05 am

Federal Way, WA

Arrived at USPS Destination Facility

2016-02-17 09:14 pm

Federal Way, WA

Accepted at USPS Destination Sort Facility

2016-02-17 07:59 pm

Seattle, WA

Departed Shipping Partner Facility

2016-02-16 05:17 pm

Las Vegas, NV

Arrived Shipping Partner Facility

2016-02-15 10:29 am

Las Vegas, NV

Departed Shipping Partner Facility

2016-02-11 10:02 am

York, PA

Received in destination country

2016-02-11 08:48 am

Cheektowaga, NY

Arrived Shipping Partner Facility

2016-02-11 08:43 am

York, PA

Picked Up by Shipping Partner

2016-02-04 03:01 am

Buffalo, NY

Crossing border and in transit to carrier hub

2016-02-04 02:21 am

Hong Kong, HON

Scanned at Landmark crossdock facility

2016-02-03 10:56 pm

Hong Kong, HON


2016-02-02 09:56 pm

Hong Kong, HON

Order packaged by warehouse

2016-02-01 08:04 pm

Hong Kong, HON

Shipment Data Uploaded

2016-02-01 12:32 pm

Hong Kong, HON

Times are displayed in timezone: UTC-08:00

Owl & Moose Kickstarter success

A truly absurdly satisfying moment.