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Reading lists ... or not ... 2011

For the past few years I have done versions of reading lists on this blog.

However, for 2011 I am not planning to do that.

I commented to a friend I shall call Bob that it just got tedious and felt like too much work, which seems lame even to me, but it is true. I just have not maintained an interest in the listing so I will not be doing it at this time.

I might post a highlights list at some point, but nothing is certain. How this blog is used is always in flux.

This year I will be continuing to clear off old reading lists, complete various series, use my new Kobo as much as possible, and am planning a huge graphic novel binge. Also, new books by Jean Auel and David Foster Wallace will play a part.

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Things I can do without as a sports fan - 2011 edition

1) Radio call in segments - I probably did not like listening to you rant at the game and I do not want to hear you in my car or at home on the radio.

2) Statistical minutiae in lieu of actual analysis - The eyeball test is still more important to me as a fan or coach. What do you see and judge? Not just who is .02 percent statistically better at something ...

3) Stadium Bag Checks - Yes, terrorists are going to attack Mariners Fan Fest ... and by poking a stick in my mother's purse I feel so much safer.

4) Diva athletes - Not just NFL Wide Receivers either ...

5) People who think sports are what they used to be or should still be what they were - Times change. What things used to cost is interesting too I guess ...

6) Nike - Especially Oregon uniforms. Nike represents everything that is wrong with college athletics today. I am not crazy about their soccer stuff either ...

7) Soccer fans who still think it is 1985 - Soccer has made it in this country. No, it is not as big as the NFL, but it is a legit and viable business now.

8) BCS whining - A Division 1 Football playoff would be great, I get it. I would watch it. But, College Football being different is part of why they won't change it. They want it to stay different. The NCAA is not going to get involved, Congress cannot make them do anything, and the big conferences will go back to old bowl match ups just to be dicks if they have to. Until and unless the NCAA creates a playoff, and there is nothing to indicate that is coming, there won't be one.

9) Cheating - Flopping and diving equals cheating.

10) Jumping countries - Unless there is a real compelling reason, people should play for their actual country and not switch for career reasons.

11) Inadequate or inappropriate use of technology during games - Certain things are not judgement calls. A game should not be decided because I ref could not see a line. If the tech is available and not hugely intrusive and still not used, that is stupid. It is not needed for everything, but it is needed for matters of fact. I even like the idea of fining floppers or cheaters later if there is video evidence.

12) Scoreboard proposals - It is no longer new and exciting to put your potential bride to be on a giant screen to ambush her with a proposal. Bobble head dolls are no longer new and innovative either.

13) Piped in music and cheering - Do not tell me it is time to cheer. I can tell.

14) Prissy fans at stadiums - I understand that there is a line and sometimes too much is too much, but if your team hits a homer it should be okay to stand and cheer.

15) Fantasy sports, especially football - I need to not hear about stats being used so far out of context and I do not care that you had the San Diego defense last weekend.

16) NCAA anti-celebration rules - Taunting and unsportsmanlike conduct should be flagged, but that is not what they flag in college football. Jake Locker against BYU and the kid in the Pinstripe Bowl did not do anything that could remotely be considered taunting or unsportsmanlike. Everyone on the NCAA rules committee that have voted for these rules need to be removed from their jobs.

17) The word "motivation" ...