Monday, November 06, 2006

It Is About Religion

The War on Islam
As much as our current government does not want to say it, they are waging a war on Islam and not just terrorism. Islamic moderates continue to plead that they should not be lumped in with the terrorism suspects with a very valid argument, “Do not judge us by our extremes.” Unfortunately, everything in America these days is judged by extremes. The Republican Party and Conservatives are judged by their most corrupt or active adherents. The Democratic Party is referred to as having “San Francisco values” as to indicate that it is too liberal. (Just what are San Francisco values? It is a great town. Good people. Liberal yes, but Newt it is hardly un-American to be pro-choice, tolerant, and willing to question decisions the federal government makes.) However, Dubya has been so outspoken in his religion, and evangelicals are so clearly against anything that doesn’t see things their way, that the religious element of current US foreign policy cannot simply be ignored. Be honest Mr. President, it is Islam you are against.
But, instead of reaching out to the hundreds of millions of reasonable Muslims worldwide, showing them that America is what it claims to stand for, we have squandered this opportunity. The credibility is simply not there. People do not believe what you say sir, because they see what else you say, what you have done, and how we are willing to be friends with bad men that oppress Muslims in the name of Islam for expediency.
Well, since propaganda is so important. Here is a fictional plan to create fervor for an Islamic moderate that we can create.
Utilize rumor, internet, and tv/radio to create a phony personae. He is a charismatic figure that is preaching tolerance, unity between Islamic sects, and non-violence as a means of protest. Create a fake search for this man. Create rumors of appearances. Create him from scratch and wag the dog, like the movie did. It would create potential confusion amongst the insurgency that is war weary, giving them the hope of something / someone better. Hell, we could even make him a martyr with a fake death from a real bomb, striking a blow to the insurgency.
It is just a thought.

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