Monday, March 28, 2011

Rules I have learned to follow on FB

1) Non sequitur comments get more attention.
The odd little comments I make get a lot more comments.

2) Passive aggressive behavior does not get me to re-post.
All those please re-post if you believe in this cause thing that are really passive aggressive like "You aren't my friend and don't care about ____ victims if you don't re-post this" comments will never get me to re-post them. Ever. I didn't like that kind of behavior at recess in Kindergarten and I don't like it on Facebook. It is not why I am on Facebook. Leave me alone.

3) Too many political or religious postings and I hide you.
This goes for those I agree with and is a judgement call thing. However, if it seems like that is all someone is doing I am tired of having that clog up the news feed. If I wanted all that crap in my face I would get cable and listen to talk radio.

4) Funny stuff, I look forward to you.
Some of my friends post awesome and funny things. I look forward to their observations.

5) Accept friends, then click Hide.
There are times where an awkward friend request comes through. I have found that if I just click the hide button after friending them it works out for the best. It doesn't reall come up much, but for those few times this is a good rule to follow.

6) Posting pictures is a mixed blessing.
I find myself in a lot of photos from other people. If Facebook had really awesome facial recognition software it would be even worse.

7) What happens on Facebook does not stay on Facebook.
"Private" is a loose concept given that this is a place on The Internets where stuff is being protected by a third party. Everything you put on there is public no matter what. Do not believe that anything is truly private.