Saturday, July 09, 2011

Parity (Oxymoron Project)

Seattle Sounders FC 4
New York Red Bulls 2
June 23, 2011
XBox Pitch - Seattle, WA

Good organizations in all sports seem to overcome handicaps. Bad organizations stay bad in spite of the help ...

Do you want to be a buying club or a selling club. I recently read Harry make that comment about Spurs and Gareth Bale.


Lots of team have brief jumps to success in US leagues, yet there are some common results in amongst the different financial systems.

Good teams find a way.

Even though the perception in MLB is that only the big clubs rule, all but three have made at least one World Series in my lifetime, and only 4 have not made a Super Bowl. Yes, there are a few clubs that stay up, but that has as much to do with good sense and planning as cash. There are plenty of large market teams, in the same city as the Yankees, that are perpetually awful despite all the financial advantages.
It seems more difficult to get good in the NBA. The NHL is very different after the lost season.

MLS strives for parity, yet even there the good teams seem to stay good.

This was a crazy game.

The 2 early goals altered the intensity of both teams and turned it into a roller coaster sort of a game. However, the Rave Green D played more like Keystone Cops than professional defenders.

After RL scored his second goal I think there was a wave of man crushes on him throughout the stadium. A pressure goal like that only happens once or twice a season, good to see it on our side. Oh, and the Scuba was a great goal celebration.

Greg Sutton was not in good form; he hammered a Sounders player to draw a foul that went the wrong way, overreacted and charged a ref after the 2nd goal without punishment, but Karma bit his ass on the fourth goal to make up for it.

No Henry, Agudelo, or Rafa ... this could have been a very different game.

I am losing respect for Dwayne Diva DeRosario the way he went after an obvious foul at the end when it was totally unnecessary.

Henry, Beckham (03), and MJ (85) ... not playing right before a trip to Seattle? Too much of a habit for me.


Midfield up high is nice.