Thursday, February 02, 2012

Archive Project - Wild Bird

In 6th grade I had a paper route. One of the things I did to bide my time while walking the route was to sing to myself.

During this time I recall I came up with the music concept of a band I would call Wild Bird and a song by that name. Something about being a powerful soaring creature and my feelings and this band would have songs about that.

I want to say I imagined a couple albums and remember actually coming up with covers and song titles and a few lyrics, but it does not appear that any of that stuff survived the test of time. I believe my concept of the band included having friends of mine from the time being in the band and us all learning various instruments while I ran things and wrote all the lyrics, etc ... I probably would have been hard to work with.

The purpose of the Archive project though is for stuff like this, so when this stuff came back to me one day recently I wanted to make certain that I jotted some notes down and got it archived here.