Monday, April 23, 2012

They are young, give them time

Seattle Mariners 4
Chicago White Sox 7
April 22, 2012 - Seattle, WA - Safeco Field
AL Regular Season

Maybe I am drinking the cool aid here, but there is a nice group of young players here, but judging by the continuing slump in attendance, Seattle is not paying attention.  A beautiful Sunday like this and the building was well under half full.
I saw some things for the first time.  For instance, a pitcher throwing to a base as a pick off move when there were multiple runners on and no one was covering first.  The ball went all the way to the stands and both runners went all the way round to score.
I cannot recall a batter reaching first safe on a passed ball after a strike out in person before.
There were 4 separate plays at the plate and two were tag outs.
I have never seen a major league base runner called out for runner interference.

The Seahawks posted a hit it here target, kind of feels like taunting.

The seagulls invaded.  At first it was kind of funny that a bunch of seagulls came into the park.  Then, it started getting a bit creepy, as it was well over a hundred of them swarming the upper deck down the first base side.

Greatest post-game giveaway ever.  Dirt.