Monday, May 07, 2012

A different kind of rodeo

Mobile Food Rodeo
Seattle, WA - 5-6-12

It should not be possible for PB&J to work on a burger, and yet it does ... There really is no point to go to an event like this and not try something new.

Two things about this pic are that I wore a sombrero and that I actually owned one in the first place. Sometimes you have to be a bit ridiculous to be taken seriously.

Yep. Sing us a song, you're Sombrero Man ...

If you are pushing a Honey Bucket down a street and there are cars, the cars stay out of your way and yield.

One pound sixty embedded in the road.   

Largest tip jar ever.  Very optimistic.

Nom. Seriously, bacon makes everything better.

One half of the street and crowd at mid-day. Thousands and thousands of people. Mostly, people were really cool since it was a suddenly sunny and beautiful day after several days of rain.  The lines were mellow, I think in part because foodies were happy to just be out in the sun.

The beer garden with The Disco Cowboys playing on the stage. I need to see more of this group as opposed to the occasional number I caught as I was working the street.

The headset makes the sombrero. Wearing the headset also proved my "headset right of way in a large crowd" theory from ECCC.

I had to take off the wristbands at one point and today I have odd little tan lines on my arms.

Set up the night before ... this was a lot of work Sat eve and all day Sunday, but it was another chance to work with a group of ECCC Minions and some new folks.  Starting to get a real work history with a number of these people and that is simply not underrated.