Saturday, August 25, 2012

They won what?

What has the USADA won?

What did Lance Armstong actually lose?

By not contesting the charges Lance Anrmstrong did not admit guilt, he essentially plead No Contest.

To those who believed him guilty, nothing has changed.

To those that did not, nothing has changed.

Race results may or may not be changed from 13 years ago.  Wow.  A guy who is over 40 and retired is now banned from racing, a sport he is no longer a part of. Wow.

The USADA has now successfully punished a man that never tested positive.  This is a huge distinction, since no athlete should ever trust them again. By not contesting the charges Lance Armstrong has essentially called the USADA bluff and by punishing him they have to accept that athletes reasonably should never trust them again since their own tests do not matter. Tests are more important than testimony of other cheaters. Time will tell, but I believe Lance may have gotten back at the USADA by not contesting charges and done more damage to them than they possibly realize.

I work on the playground, and a bunch of kids pointing at another saying that the other kid did it too is not the way I handle things, but it is the way the USADA apparently does. The USADA must now live with winning. Lance Armstrong's life goes on exactly as before.

Placing the caveat in here that I am not here to apologize for Lance Armstrong.  If he cheated he should be punished.  But, he has never tested positive.  That matters whether people like it or not.