Friday, November 30, 2012

I was worried for valid reasons

Seattle Marathon 11-25-12

My training in regards to distance and running sucked this year.

My training in regards to martial arts was pretty solid.

I have been nicked up and having too much lower back and left hip pain too often.

I was really sick all week, the kind where the color of the stuff you are coughing up is worrisome.

I hate excuses.

I am stubborn.

The weather was dry.

My sinuses were mostly cleared up.

I had new running gear to wear.

I succeeded in my slowest race in the 15 years I have now been doing this.

I was immediate in keeping my mind on each small stretch and accepting that the time would end up the way it was.

Clock Time*: 6:25:17
Chip Time*: 6:23:39