Thursday, January 24, 2013

I prefer tests

Lance fessed up.

My biggest complaint for years in regards to media coverage and fan commentary about steroids in sports is about actual proof. I did not like the USADA report because it was all testimony and no proof when everyone testifying had an agenda.  I believe The Mitchell Report was flawed for the same reasons.

I am critical of the recess logic of these reports, because I prefer tests.  When done right tests are reliable, physical evidence. When not they are the Seahawks dilemma of one player taking the punishment and the other getting off on a technicality.

I had long hoped Lance was clean.  I had hoped at least some of the baseball players were falsely accused, and I really hope I am not rooting for cheaters on the Seahawks.

I still lean towards physical evidence over finger pointing, and I am still critical of suspending athletes based solely on testimony without positive tests ...

But, when you fess up, so be it.