Wednesday, September 25, 2013

It had been too long since I had been to the Rose City

Rose City Comic Con
September 21-22, 2013
Oregon Convention Center
Portland, OR

It had been since October of 2004 since I had been to Portland.  There had been a stretch of years there where I basically went about once a year for a soccer game.  

This time it was an opportunity to go and work the Rose City Comic Con. My fellow Henchmen were awesome.  This event has a real chance to blow up and become something special.

Cullen Bunn writes The Sixth Gun and he signed my name badge for me.

My mother loves Grimm.  I got the opportunity to explain her situation to the star of the show.

Flash Gordon. 'nuff said.

Moments later this was full.

There are two wookies in this photo.

We got two of the celebs to pose in our volunteer shirts. Alexis Cruz and Sam Jones.

Did Austin or PDX have this sign first?

Really worth standing in a flash downpour for.

Round trip train ride for fifty bucks.  It turns out that the people that work for Amtrak are pretty decent and will help you out when you have a ticket issue and save you from wasting money. We got to ride with friends and listen to the funniest PA announcer I could imagine ever having on a train ride.

An old friend of mine opened this food cart down in PDX a few years ago to pretty solid reviews and success.  I missed seeing her, but I did get to eat the grub.  The Pork Hammer is totally amazing.