Monday, December 02, 2013

And that makes 16

Seattle Marathon 2013 

This year I was worried about the Seattle marathon because my preparation was such a struggle given a series of little nagging injuries and an ankle problem in September.

So, I thought long and hard about it, managed the things I could and took the most important lessons that I have learned over the years doing distance and applied them to yesterday.

Lesson 1 - Being organized and prepared cannot be underestimated.
- I have a pouch I run with that carries gel packs and other useful items

Lesson 2 - Listen to your body
- There are points where you need to slow and points where you feel good and you can kick it up a notch.  Things were going well, even if slowly, until a bit after mile marker 20.  I had to make some changes to my stride and pace and grab extra water and it took 3-4 miles to really start to feel better again.  I was then able to kick it in after mile marker 24 and was able to finish strong.

Lesson 3 - Recovery planning matters
- I was set for a hot soak with good bath salts.  I planned my nutrition for a few days out.  I made a point of bracing myself for the after race.  Too often I hear of people who stop doing distance because of the poor recovery.  Recovery can be managed.

Yes, I came in last in my division. 146/146.
Yes, only 18 people finished after me. 2107/2125
Yes, this was my slowest marathon out of 16. 6:39:29/6:41:08
In the spirit of the event and being supportive I chose to not taunt the woman in the Portland Timbers jersey that Roger Levesque was way ahead of her.
Yes, I had to pause and change my stride for the first time ever.
Yes, I finished and feel pretty good the next day.