Sunday, January 19, 2014

Bud Selig can suck it

Baseball is scandals.

The Black Sox.



Pete Rose.


Alex Rodriguez.

Bud Selig would have baseball fans believe everything is clean now because of him.

Suck it, Bud.

YOU presided over the steroid era.

You NEEDED it.

And, when the PR turned against what YOU used to fix the problems YOU created in 1994, YOU seem to think that YOU get credit.

Suck it, Bud.

ARod is dirty.  His lawsuit is crazy.  He deserves all the derision he gets.  But, I read the actual suit and the worst part is that he is right.

Baseball rewarded the cheaters.  Baseball needed the cheaters.

Bud Selig, YOU KNEW.

Your retirement is good for baseball.

Do everyone a favor and leave early and quietly.

You do not deserve a curtain call or tour of ballparks.  I hope that someone at every stadium gets on the jumbotron and has signage pointing out that you are as dirty as ARod.