Saturday, March 01, 2014

What not to tell your tenant about a rental increase

Today, my rent went up.

It is now almost 50 percent higher than it was when I moved in 9 years ago.  It went up a good 13-14 percent today. From a standpoint of inflation that is effing ridiculous. However, that is not what this blog is about.  I am not bitching about the admittedly irritating increase, it is the reasoning behind it.

I got a letter.  A very business talk like letter with business words like market.

It appears that rents in my neighborhood are higher so the market is such that the rent I was paying was too low.

Basically, "the market" means that "others are doing it and so we are and you won't find anything cheaper so it sucks to be you".

Higher taxes? Big expenses? Nope.  Just, "others are so we are". That is the reason I was given. The letter implies that since the market is that I probably shouldn't bother to look around and move because I will just find this out for myself so I should just save myself time and pay more for the same thing.

I could totally understand why they sent the letter, but it does not actually reflect well on their business acumen if all they do is follow what others are doing.

I sent in the check.

I did no add the eff off I repeated to myself as I wrote said check.