Friday, April 04, 2014

ECCC 2014

Emerald City Comicon 2014
March 28-30, 2014

For me the con is basically this island up on the sixth floor with the celeb guests and keeping things moving as Floor Caption of the Minions.

However ...

This year I had to adjust my mobile role in favour of a stationary one due to an ankle injury.  If I moved at all people would yell at me.  Minions got attendees in line to yell at me. I was sitting inside, even when moving.

I ran into students, colleagues, old friends, people I only know from con work.  Someone referred to my hair as a Silvery Waterfall of Joy.  People joked about how I accidentally wore pants on Saturday and they didn't recognize me. 

I got a chance (long story) to be a stage hand for Night Vale.  Friends in the audience looked up and there I was grabbing mike stands as Night Vale signed off so The Thrilling Adventure Hour could go on. This is my life.

In the end we made the celebs basically happy and several of them left with green Minion shirts.  They would not want souvenirs of a bad experience. I was exhausted and glad I had slogged through it. The trade off of being in a position where I get to fist bump Q and joke with some of the celebs is that I miss out on Bone downstairs or things like that.  It's basically a fair trade. 

My perch. My albatross.

Lines are a math problem of time and people and movement.

Cecil from backstage at the Welcome To Night Vale show on Friday night.

Cecil with Molly Quinn from The Thrilling Adventure hour.

With Kyle from Kirby Krackle.

The calm before the storm.