Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Because Reasons (or the dangers of multitasking)

So, a couple projects that have been posted as WIP examples have kind of needed to be set aside.

There are reasons.


I did a lot of research and writing on Oxymoron over the years, but there is now a book that is virtually identical in its premise and that is awesome for that writer and awful for me.  The research and work continues and now I am writing for ProstAmerika.com so the research is useful.

So, the notion of a similar book is only part of the problem.  The other is that I am multitasking on my creative projects too much and this happens.  When I committed to Boomerang, the comic book shop,  and The Modern Groom, et al, they got done.  I need to remember that lesson.

Pieces of The Scarecrow Effect might still turn up in other projects, but it is really life imitating art imitating life at this point and that is too weird to work on as a result.

Previous excerpts and the like of both projects may confuse people reading them now since this blog is almost a decade old, but both are functionally dead.

I need to pick a project and finish it.

Multitasking means nothing gets done.