Thursday, October 08, 2015

So there is now a shotgunprose dot com

ShotgunProse dot com now exists.

I have given the working title of 

"97 Seconds of Static"

to the work in progress urban fantasy title. 

The first two of the old material have been formatted and prepared for download as PDF files.

I have now made the branding choice, and have the blog, site, twitter, facebook, ello, and instagram all properly @shotgunprose for moving foward.  

In the interest of keeping things on track, I am setting a deadline of November 8 for the site to have basic links and the first few PDF's available for download. And, I am setting the date of January 8 for having a basic draft of 97 Seconds of Static for first readers to go over.

Meanwhile, I am now my own employee.  I am working to treat the site as the boss and to make certain that I am steadily moving forward with a to do list that includes getting links, videos, and files all onto a properly formatted page.

For right now, and only for a short time, there is a simple holding page.