Monday, July 04, 2016

Dear Formerly New Sonics Ownership Group (#9)

Dear Formerly New Sonics Ownership Group (#9)

I haven't written in a while Clay.  It felt like bad timing and taste to comment when the other major half of the ownership group passed.  It felt like it was too soon when your team landed in the finals a few years ago.  It was shocking when KD signed an extension at one point.  It was kind of piling on when your team had an epic collapse this year. But, KD leaving is what I always predicted would happen.

He is still in the prime years of an NBA career and that will not be in OKC.

In the NBA, teams recover eventually, but it takes a long time. It will be a dark decade there before another free agent of any class looks at OKC and thinks anything other than KD left because that team is not set up for a run at a title.

So, Clay. This is what I long have expected would happen if and when KD really hit the open market.  He would leave. 

OKC fans don't deserve this.  They are not at fault.  If anything, it appears that they have done nothing but embrace the team.  KD had a near decade in OKC and is choosing a different path.  He is also doing it the right way, from all indications.  Leaving a franchise is something that it is totally okay for a player to do when they sit and mull over multiple offers. OKC fans will likely never view this rationally that way, but it really is the case.

Seattle will now be as likely to win a title as OKC, and we still don't have a team after a decade. Let the hopeless decade begin in OKC.