Sunday, January 15, 2017

Yo, Adrian (years later)

Nine years ago I penned an open letter to Adrian Hanauer.

I was optimistic about the MLS Sounders launch, but had a few thoughts, issues, and suggestions.

Now, it is 2017 and almost a decade later.  The club has won 4 US Open Cups (with a fifth final appearance).  The club has won a Supporters Shield.  The club has grabbed two Cascadia Cups.  The club has made the playoffs all 8 seasons.  The club has made it to the semis of the regional champions league. Average attendance of 40k per game is a regular thing.  The upper bowl is filled on occasion and has season ticket options. And, the club is defending MLS Cup champions.

So, Adrian, you and the club have exceeded literally any expectations.

Well done.