Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Because I am clumsy

It was a month ago yesterday that I finally went to the doctor's office.

It was a good three weeks earlier that I banged my clavicle, apparently fracturing it, leaving a lot of bruising and swelling in my shoulder.

The problem was not the clavicle by the time the doctor saw me.  I had not been able to get the swelling and bruising to go away, it was burning, and I was getting sick.  One evening, it appeared that the bruising was seeping and I did my best to try and clean it up, but it became clear that a doctor visit was necessary.

It did not take more than a quick glance before the doc had me move to the procedure room, was trying to get the area numb, and informed me that although they normally lance these sorts of things, "I am going to cut you now."  Two slices, five attempts at numbing the area with shots, and about 35 minutes later, I was a wreck with a huge packed wound bigger than a golf ball.

It is not clear whether an earlier visit of even a few days would have done much to avoid the abscess procedure by very much since it was so hidden by the swelling, but I feel like it would have been a lot easier on me physically and cheaper on my pocket book.