Thursday, September 24, 2009

Novelty Act (The Scarecrow Effect - Snippet 3)

This post is part of the continuing series of snippets from my upcoming project The Scarecrow Effect. Some of these are short and others almost chapter length. They are not in order. Other posts in this series can be located by browsing the blog or by typing the words "scarecrow effect" into the search engine field.

The Mask

It was a lame rip off of the scarecrow mask from Batman Begins.

I admit it, okay?


Stitched together like Leatherface.

The first time I threw it on I realized that I had not warned the band in advance.

Adam and Colin didn't seem to mind.

Nigel was actually pissed.

And by "pissed" I mean furious, raging, swearing, approaching random acts of violence pissed.

"Pissed" doesn't even come close to describing his response.

I also cannot adequately explain how entertained I felt at that moment.

About 14 second into his rant - which felt way, way longer, the video just doesn't do it justice really - Colin chimed in with an, "I thought it was kind of cool." This shut Nigel down so completely and so quickly that I thought the strain would cause him to pass out. In retrospect, I probably should not have posted it online, but Nigel really doesn't "do computers" and I am uncertain he really knows how many people are aware of our online adventures.

"I don't want to be just some sort of novelty act," Nigel said. He walked out.

We all resisted saying what it felt like we all wanted to say.

We are a novelty act.

But, that was something the three of us were okay with and Nigel apparently was not.