Sunday, September 27, 2009

That Ashley? (The Scarecrow Effect - Snippet 7)

This post is part of the continuing series of snippets from my upcoming project The Scarecrow Effect. Some of these are short and others almost chapter length. They are not in order. Other posts in this series can be located by browsing the blog or by typing the words "scarecrow effect" into the search engine field. This is not a children's novel.

But first ... who would have thought that life would continue to imitate art so much. When I first started the bikini barista part of this it was because of some of the hubbub around the girls and how local rivals were touting themselves as family friendly - which means not hot and fully clothed in layman's terms. Now, it turns out that some of these girls have been behaving badly near my place and have actually been charged with doing some things that clearly do cross the line. How many officers fought for that job?

That Ashley?

I went back home and found the photo I was looking for. There was blond bikini barista girl about ten years ago at a company picnic with her mom sitting at my table and smiling at the camera.

Words could not describe the alternating senses of relief and horror at this realization.

I had written a song about ... well ... basically her ass. An old friend and co-worker's daughter that I actually knew and I had written a song about her ass in a white bikini. That was the horror.

I had never seriously considered hitting on her and there was something that always held me back from going after all the younger women at our shows. That was the relief.

It was entirely possible that I could set aside the emotions and rationalize the hell out of this, but it was going to take me some time.