Monday, May 10, 2010

I can now go back to ignoring the mNBA ...

Recent Facebook status:

"With the Zombie Sonics eliminated I can return to ignoring the mNBA existence and playoffs."

A couple of mildly sarcastic or incredulous comments from a friend about actually paying attention led to:

"I cannot take credit for Zombie Sonics, that is Bill Simmons on ESPN. However, I also did not watch any of the games, but was aware of them via headlines enough to know what was going on. I want to be a fan of Durant, but i cannot watch him play for OKC. Rooting for the Lakers was hard because I do not root for teams named Lakers, teams that are from LA, or teams that wear their particular color scheme. It was tough."

Basically, I wrote a bunch on this blog about the Sonics sale and saga. I have steadfastly refused to sit down and watch a game since the move to OKC occurred. I have not watched one game. I grew up with the Sonics, seeing so many games on person and television over the years that I really felt the ebb and flow of the franchise more than I did the Mariners or Seahawks.

In 2002 I chatted up Howard and Wally at a Storm draft day event and discussed the playoff series with the Spurs. Yes, I attended a game in that series.

I have a Kevin Durant Sonics jersey. It hangs because wearing it makes no sense.

I recently watch Sonicsgate and almost wanted to cry.

Now, we find that Durant has made the leap from merely being talented or entertaining to being a leader and winner. The jump is not one many players make. I cannot watch it. Clay Bennett and Howard Schultz and David Stern have robbed me of a true sports fan joy, that of watching a true superstar emerge for your team. I have been robbed of watching the emergence of what could turn out to be the greatest Sonic of all time.