Sunday, May 09, 2010

While getting ready for Knut I wrote this ...

It's 8:52PM Friday and you seem to be the odd one out at your booth ...

To the pretty girl I keep glancing at and is seeming to glance at me

There is clearly (at least to me) something more to you from what I see behind your eyes

But from the way you are cornered slash sequestered in a corner of your booth (with the uneven male female distribution in your group of friends) I may never know

You have only been sitting there for ten or so minuted since we first made eye contact as you walked by

And yet, we keep making eye contact, but don't either of us seem embarrassed or startled

If you knew this was what I was writing now how would you feel?

Is it creepy?

Is it flattering?

Is it, dare I say, romantic even?

So I glance again and you are looking this way again

What will the evening bring when the band starts playing?