Monday, July 05, 2010

Fireworks Seattle Style

It looked like the 4th of July would be a disaster for Seattle just a few short months ago when the sponsorship of the big fireworks display pulled out. And then a great thing happened, people and companies stepped up and saved it. Awesome. After all that hubbub it felt NECESSARY to go and support said show, even though it is an absolute pain to do so and other smaller shows were around, entertaining, and more convenient. So, after years of kicking it at the old Lynnwood High School for a local show, we went. Again, awesome.

Due to some misplaced keys we got a late start so when we got to the Eastlake area it was a no parking available zone. Fortunately, I went for the South Lake Union area, found parking just off Fairview, and we walked the ten or so blocks down to the water and found Hooters open for a bathroom and fries. I am not sure what it says about my 2010 that two of my more noteworthy evenings involve taking my mother and my kids to Hooters, but so be it.

The Bothell parade was its usual nice self, too. Nice to see the Sounders' Sound Wave involved there.