Thursday, July 29, 2010

This came along so much quicker than I thought it could ...

Seattle Sounders FC 1
AD Isidro Metapan 0
July 28, 2010
XBox Pitch at Qwest Field
CONCACAF Champions League Preliminary Round Leg One

We're gonna rock down to Electric Avenue ...

I HAD to get a ticket to this game. Actually, I got the ticket as a birthday present and TicketBastard screwed up stuff on the ticket and then had to email us that the bar code would be okay even though the information on the ticket was not correct. Oh well. Sigi signed it for me though, so that was cool.

When I wrote about the Sounders playing meaningful internationals after the MLS Sounders were announced (See a February 7, 2008 entry titled simply enough Concacaf Champions League - you can type those three words in the search field.) I meant that it could happen in say ... 2013 or so. This is better, but still hardly to be expected.

A game with almost 18K in attendance needs to be put into context. This is half the total of a league match for the Sounders, but it is still higher than pretty much all but a couple teams will get this weekend, and they didn't bother to promote it much until after the Celtic game. It seems weird to think of 17K as a small crowd. We're getting spoiled.

I was skeptical about the yellow ... Electricity ... jerseys, but the uni has grown on me. And, thanks to my bro I got to wear my very own to this game.

The SSFC looked pretty good all game in regards to their possession, the youth movement in the midfield looks to be paying off, but really it is when #6 came in that things really started to roll. Pete V. did a nice job early on a few defensive plays, but Alonso is so the man.

I had not sat down front in some time, back in the USL era for the 2008 opener in fact, and this was a change. However, I think I will be back up high in the future, I am too used to really being able to see the play. Every once in a while going low to yell and sing is fun, but not often.

Where I was standing was a straight line in when Fredy hit the goal, this is from a few minutes later. No one was ready for the one he hit, let alone the ghost of Robert Green, er ... umm ... Metapan keeper Misael Alfaro. The fact the SSFC did not concede an away goal is huge and Metapan will not be using their home stadium as it was not certified. A few more goals would have been nice, but we have a strong chance of advancing.