Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The ten poems I read for "The Historic" on 12-11-10

The criteria I was given was that the poems either needed to be mine or in the public domain, and that there could be "No profanity laced tirades against ex-girlfriends." All the poems were mine and met the other criteria too ...

POETRY by Jeff Lageson
All poems (C) Jeff Lageson

"Home Opener" p94
"Surgery" p113
"Untitled Poem '94" p142
originally published in WHISPERS FROM WHITMAN COUNTY 1995

"Marlboro Man"
"My Dog Killed A Possum Last Night"
originally published in THE DAILY EVERGREEN, SUMMER BIO-RHYTHMS Section 6/11/96 p16

"The Store"
originally published in THE JOURNAL, (Pullman High School) 1997

"Holding On"
originally published in "The Silver Valley Voice"/ Moonshine Hill Press 09/97

"Wednesday August 3, 2005 Just Before Midnight"
originally published in "The Voice"/Moonshine Hill Press 12/06 p5