Thursday, November 24, 2011

Observations from the guy with the click counter

TEDxRainier2011 conference
UW Kane Hall
November 12, 2011

Being around smart people is a good thing.

Telling people NO is not what they want to hear when they are guests.

The fire code still feels like an excuse.

The conversations that start over a comment about a sex survey are eye opening.

Working with people who know what they are doing and that you have worked with before is a valuable commodity.

Let the girl flirt, you get more burritos.

If someone really is your friend they will tell you that there is rice in your beard and not merely notice it.

Nude models really are more or less naked in public.

I like free stuff.

It is very cool to get brief conversations with those you respect.

Flying sex surveys are funny.

Standing ovations are cool.

Spending a day working with beautiful women is good for me.

It is somewhat depressing how many people know who reality tv stars are but not who TED speakers are.

When you hold a prop like a click counter it really does alter how people react to you when you are guarding a door.