Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Marian Call CD Review

Marian Call
Something Fierce (2011)

The other day I was letting this record play in the background while making breakfast. I realized that I was really liking the mood it gave my apartment.

I haven't really reviewed records in a while, although writing reviews was what got me into the world of public writing and led to me being a magazine editor at one point. Back in the day I really wrote reviews that were often press releases more than anything else, so in retrospect many of them make me cringe.

Marian Call added a "Scholarship Program" recently to her website and as a single parent my entertainment budget is minimal so I applied so this is my recipient review as promised in exchange for the download.

My daughter and I went to GeekGirlCon in October of 2011 in Seattle. One of the panelists was Marian Call. Later, she was busking with Molly Lewis outside the con, appearing to have a good time, and my daughter and I listened to a few songs while finishing our lunch. The busking was my first taste of her music.

When I first get a new record I try and just let it play a few times to get the vibe or feel of what the record is about. A good record makes this easy, as I just hit repeat and look forward to it playing. With good records a few songs start to stand out immediately and I start to listen for them to come around again. A good record makes me want to leave the CD in the player for a few days after a first listen. Something Fierce is just such a record.

Good Morning Moon is the opening track. It's ... perky, and a nice start to the record. I am not sure perky is the best description, but hearing it over breakfast caused that word to appear in my mind when thinking about it. Her lyrics are clever and the mood of the music is mellow and fun. She plays with words in ways that I enjoy. I know a "Real Alaskan Girl" and hearing the song I Wish I Were A Real Alaskan Girl had me searching for a Youtube clip of a performance to email the link to her.

Having seen Marian sing briefly in the middle of Seattle Center, I look forward to seeing her perform on an actual stage.

I hope this doesn't sound like too much of a press release, but I really do enjoy this and the record has now remained in the CD rotation atop my entertainment center for several weeks ...