Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Running 2012

After a brutal winter of difficult running conditions, unhealthy lungs and back pain, and a general lack of motivational consistency I went ahead and took steps recently to get myself back on track, so to speak.

Several years ago I found that by entering the Seattle Marathon several months early it helped me with the lifestyle choice of running and gave my goal oriented approach to life something to focus on.

So, entry number 15 is in and paid for in regards to the 2012 Seattle Marathon. This has immediately got me back out running more often. Of course, it then snowed yesterday and today, which really makes it hard to run safely. I know I could pay the 7 bucks a month and go run upstairs from taekwondo, but I generally loath indoor running on treadmills almost as much as I loath simple track running.

My running goals remain what they once were with a new addition. I still want to reach 26 marathons, run the Boston and New York races, do a Marathon Maniacs cluster, and now also do a resolution run with polar bear plunge one new year in the near future. With the addition of races like the Warrior Dash I think my ongoing goals will help keep me on track.

However, I am now 44 and still in good shape, so even though there was a lame running period this winter in regards to regular running, my general fitness from martial arts will enable me to spend the next 6-8 weeks focusing on short regular runs to get ready for longer training runs in the spring. I am not a kid any more so just jumping right back to real long distances would be stupid. Good habits as weather improves will do more for me than anything else. I just need to do a better job of getting short runs in even with martial arts and weekend shifts.