Wednesday, October 23, 2013

They've Got Nothing To Prove

Geek Girl Con 2013
Seattle, WA
October 2013

This is the third year of the event and I have had the opportunity to attend twice.  I really need to be an Agent one of these years and I do kind of feel bad I wasn't this year.  So many fellow Enforcers and Minions are around this that it would have been awesome.

I ran into an artist that I once wrote magazine articles for back in the day so that was nice to catch up.  There were fellow teachers with students I know.  One of the guys from the KK video I did last year was there. 

Still, to go and attend a couple panels, even going up to the mike and asking questions, was nice. It reminded me why I started working these cons in the first place, they are awesome.

Friday Night Concert at Wayward Coffee with The Doublelicks and Molly Lewis.  

Fully Functional.  It was mentioned that I would enjoy hearing her say that, but it simply was met with a chuckle.  It was fun to be able to text this to my bro and discuss her appearance as a Romulan with him.  Also, it was cool to discuss some of her great Trek moments with her.  Yes, a little of the fanboy came out.

Ninja gig, non amplified

Dalek in gaming

Jane and Amber for Buffy fans. This was the Husbands panel.

Lizzie panel, behind the scenes folks from the production.