Thursday, November 21, 2013

Two trips to Freddie's

In the span of only a couple of days I made two trips to two different Freddie's.  At one there was a $3.99 plus tax purchase of a pack of M14 and at the other a $1.00 purchase of a single Lotto ticket.

I forgot to check the numbers right away and when I did a few days later I did not get a single number.  Poof, a dollar is gone and I am not actually paying off everything I owe and shopping for a condo downtown.  This is not nearly as much fun as they would lead one to believe.  So, I cannot speak to when I will ever actually go and buy another ticket.  Who knows?

That same week at a different Freddie's I tossed a pack of M14 Magic cards into the cart and when I opened them there was a foil variant Mutavault card in the pack.  The current as of this posting value on the card I pulled is forty bucks and going up.

Magic cards are a better return than lottery tickets in my experience.