Thursday, August 26, 2010

Big Clubs

Seattle Sounders FC 0
CF Monterrey 0
August 25, 2010 - Qwest Field - Seattle, WA
CONCACAF Champions League Group Phase

Big clubs in the world of club soccer do certain things in the modern era.

Big clubs play over 40 or even 50 matches in "all competitions" every season.

Big clubs juggle these different competitions in order to win as many trophies as they can.

Big clubs use their entire roster to make certain that playing time is spread around and so that there is competition in training for more actual minutes and not merely for the core group.

Big clubs travel well.

Big clubs have supporters that travel well.

Big clubs make big moves when they need to to salvage seasons and not merely to play for the future. The future is always on their mind, but so is the now.

Now, the Seattle Sounders FC are working very, very hard to become a Big Club. I find this to be a worthy goal. This game at Qwest Field tells us an awful lot about just how close they are in many ways. For instance, over 22K for a midweek game with the tickets sold from a (as Arlo White put it) "standing start" is awesome. Both CCL games have had nice attendance. We also see what it means to be an elite team in this region in the quality and pace of the game. To lose at home 2-0 to a team as good as they played is no shame, but the margin does not tell you how close the play looked on the field ... good job boys.