Wednesday, August 11, 2010

This is what payback looks like

Seattle Storm 111
Tulsa Shock 65
August 7, 2010
Seattle, WA - Key Arena

The largest margin of victory in WNBA history is what happens a few days later when the two teams meet a second time in short order after the worst team in the league upsets the best team in the league on the road.

This game was over early and the only question was the margin of victory. As a subset of that would be whether Tulsa would manage in 40 minutes the 60 points Seattle had scored in the first 40. Tulsa got to 65, but mostly because it became an open court game of two benches trying to kill off the clock.

Yes, the Marion Jones playing for Tulsa in the former sprinter ... hope she gets her life back together with this opportunity.

For me, I now only need to see 2 current WNBA teams to see the entire current league ... this is to go with the 1 MLB team and 3 MLS teams I currently need to see.