Saturday, June 09, 2012

Opening night crowds

Event movies ... must be seen on opening night. They need to be seen with groups of friends that are as into the event as you are.  They need to be seen with big things of popcorn and soda and much fanfare.

That sounds simple, but the crowds the following weekend are just not the same.

The Avengers opening night was with a group of fellow Minions (TM) and it rocked.  Not only did the movie rock, but the crowd was fun.  It was not the obnoxious group on their phones loud or the kids talking loud, it was the into it responding when you are supposed to loud.  It was the kind of group that got the inside jokes and subtle and not so subtle references.

Then, the second weekend I went with my son (to a 2D version) of the same flick.  The movie still rocked, but the crowd was really, really lame. I got the impression many in attendance really did not get a lot of the references, and I realized that I would be That Guy if I kept trying to explain it to people while the movie was still going.

So, The Dark Knight Rises is coming up in July and there is simply No Way that I will see it with anything but a group of people who truly care.