Thursday, June 14, 2012

The Zombie Sonics and Moving On As A Fan

Bring 'Em Back! Sonics Arena Rally
Occidental Park - Seattle, WA 06-14-12

Bill Simmons of ESPN calls them The Zombie Sonics.  A local sports talk guy discussed the notion of whether Seattle sports fans are emotionally prepared for NBA success in OKC. I am not thinking of merely making the playoffs type of success, I mean NBA Finals sort of success. Like, tonight.

In recent months I have noticed a surge in Sonics stuff being sold and worn in the area, which is cool.  But, are/were Seattle sports fans really ready for the notion of an NBA Finals with THAT TEAM playing in it? Really, no.  This makes me sick to my stomach.

It's a big question.

Unfortunately, it is a question we are going to get an answer to since San Antonio managed to get old during the trip from San Antonio to Oklahoma City for game 3.

I will always believe the two main owners of that team are liars and bigots and thieves, but I will spend no more energy on that.  There were rants on this blog back before the move.  It takes too much energy to sustain that hate.  So ... no more.  Now, my sports fan energy will go towards the realistic possibility that the Seattle Sonics will rise again.  The Sounders came back.  It can happen.

I wore my Sonics jacket from many years ago as a sort of political statement and avoided sending the kid who made a joke about it to the office.

Today was a chance at the kind of catharsis this fan needed. I imagine the Thunder are the most popular team in Cleveland right now, but those fans got to see LBJ lose last year so it is our turn.  I kind of want to start a Kickstarter to fund a parade in Seattle for the Heat should they win.

The signs say Bring 'Em Back!

"Now would be good."

The KJR team.

Me and Slick Watts.

The money man with the voice. 

I now have a Slick Watts signed Sonics flag.