Saturday, June 09, 2012

Grounding myself from social media

I deserved to be punished.

My time management skills have more or less sucked lately.  Yes, I basically live alone and am single and accountable to no one but myself most of the time.  Yes, I can do things at odd hours without upsetting anyone other than maybe a neighbor.  And yes, there is a bit of overreacting here, but sometimes the punishment has got to exceed the crime.

Last weekend I missed a martial arts class I had told someone I would be at.  Over the weekend I noticed I was constantly checking my phone at work, which felt inappropriate.  I also screwed around on the computer at my folks' enough that I did not get home and get laundry done on Sunday night and that screwed up my Monday morning enough that I was nearly late for work and was thrown off for a morning. At one point I more or less went all zombie and watched too many episodes in a row on DVD of a good show, but it meant my apartment was not cleaned.

So ...

I grounded myself.

No DVD player.

No social network.

Clean your apartment young man.  Get your laundry done. Get organized and back on a better sleep schedule.

It has been a week.  It is also working.  And from what I can tell no one has noticed I shut down a page even though I have 300 friends online.

A few more things to catch up and then I can get back to normal ... if I decide to.