Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Because They Made Us Get Off The Boat

As part of my "Home Town Tour and bucket list of local things 2012" (TM) I checked off "taking a ferry through the San Juans" for a day.  This is something to do over and over again. Even in Summer the day starts foggy, and let's face it, the wind is cold even when the temp is 75, but it is still sort of awesome and beautiful ... unless you are one of those people that gets on beautiful non-commuter ferries and sits in an inside booth and plays cards instead of looking out the window.

 I found it amazing just how many people could not be bothered to enjoy several hours of beautiful views.  Sitting inside and looking out the windows is totally cool, but how can one not enjoy this.

Did not have a lot of time to do anything other than ride the boat back and forth, so we got off the boat and went through both Canadian and US customs real quick.  "I am in Canada because they made us get off the boat for customs."