Friday, July 20, 2012

The Avengers versus The Dark Knight Rises

In the spirit of AvX ...  and because both movie franchises completely rock I look at ten categories after watching both films:

Whedon v Nolan
Battle of the directors. Nolan had three films and a decade with an Oscar dream cast.  Whedon had a stellar cast too, but had to take from five films and multiple directors and juggle a true ensemble.

Scarlet v Anne
The battle of the extraordinarily hot women in black catsuits. This is like choosing between Strawberry Cheesecake or Dulce do Leche ...

Loki v Bane
A good villain is essential, but cannot ultimately be more important than the hero. Loki seems to be channeling one part Zod and another part Joker, with a dash of insecurity neither had.  Bane is just a force of revenge and violence, yet still with personality. In the end, the Loki insecurity draws you in far more.

Billionaire v Billionaire
The greatest superpower is apparently money. With proper funding I could be Batman (so the joke says), but the tech needed to be Iron Man is not within reach, even with billions.  However, both Bale and Downey are totally convincing as The Smartest Man In The Room, which is hard to do.

Costumes v Costumes
Batman's costume as long been established as cool black in the movies.  But, how on earth did they make Thor look cool or Captain America not look dorky? Iron Man completely rocks and looks like the costume jumps right off the page.

Jarvis v Alfred
The voice versus Michael Caine. I do like the voice and the tech, but the humanity of Alfred wins out by a long shot.

New York City v Gotham City
Both cities take a beating.  Both cities are the same city.

Culmination v Culmination
The DKR is a trilogy finale. The Avengers is the end result of 5 previous films coming together spring boarding into more films..

Stark Tower v Wayne Manor.
In essence this is The Batcave versus The Avengers Mansion. The A on the building at the end of The Avengers is cool, but The Batcave is far more iconic.

Casting v Casting
This is a push.  The acting talent in these films is strong. There are Oscar winners and nominees in those tights and behind those masks.